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friends are like angels,
who hold us up,
when our wings,
forget how to fly.



Faithfulness is the key to being a good friend,
Respect them from beginning to end.
Neglect is something never to do,
Depend on them they’ll see you through.
Secrets are things you should be able to share,
Helping them out and showing you care.
Inseparable is how we will be,
Preparing for life: just you and me.


why they are friends

Cause they smile,
Cause they understand just by looking in your eyes,
Cause they know you better than you know yourself,
Cause with them you aren't afraid to be yourself,
Cause you can say something stupid or expose your deepest secrets to them,
Cause everything you do together becomes a memory,
Cause you don't need to do something special to have fun just happens,
Cause you don't need to explain anything they just know,
Cause they believe in your dreams no matter how silly they may seem,
Cause they dry your tears,
Cause you are good enough when you are with them,
Cause they love you for who you are.



This is a person who I'll never regret
A person who will never be a threat
This person is not like a sister or brother
But this person is the one I love, My Mother

My mother was the one who told me wrong from right
The one who tucked me in bed at night
She's has been there for me more than anyone have been
My mother is the one and my only best friend

One day when I'm older, I wish to be like you
To treat each other nice and do things like you do
So mom, this is the end on what I have to say
But before I end this poem, Mom Happy MOTHER'S dAY

Dedra Ford

True Friendship

A volume of true friendship cannot be measured by a scale
nor a chart can measure it,
Except Human Hearts

Sameem Ahmed


sometimes life is never fair
when you think your friends are always there
the years you think will be the best
fun and games you never rest
you’re all together side by side
they always helped you when you cried
It’s hard to see, but very clear
It’s like a crystal, like a tear
you see them now in memories
the way they laugh and speak and tease,
but in your heart you’ll always know
they are by your side they’ll never go

Georgia M


I can't believe we are still together,
After all those years,
and all those fights
From now onwards,
I will hold on to you

I took my first step,
You took yours.
I started ramming,
you followed
we were side by side
like friends should be

Dedicated for(Lopedius and Sphiwe)


The real you

When I look into your eyes
I see all the lies you have
lied I see all the sins you have sinned,
but when I look into your eyes I see
you truly are a great man,
but you put up an act
which is all a show,
but why that’s
what I want to know

ashley c


I wrote this poem for you to read,
but I was late...
you were my best friend
I wish you stay longer,
but God seemed to want you more.
Why you? why now? why not me?
you had your whole life,
but wanted to take it yourself.
you were my best friend and
will always be
your name was

Briana Clifton

friends or not

One day I met you
you seemed so mean
when I go to know you better
you seemed so neat,
but one day you told me
you smoked pot
I didn’t know what to do
except tell you we could not be friends


I wish.....

I wish I had a good friend,
someone who will always be with me until the end.

who’s really caring and very kind,
who also has a clever mind,

I want a friend who will give good advise,
who won’t have any lice!

I want a friend who would not pretend,
who would also know the new styles and trend


This is the end

Stabbed in the back
By my best friend.
This day I thought
was the end.
I can’t forgive,
I only blame,
Sorry don’t help me in this game.
Nothing you could say or do
could change what I think of you.
I can’t be pushed to be your friend,
because to me this is the end.



Smiling is infectious,
you catch it like the flu.
when someone smiled at me today,
I started smiling too.

I passed around the corner,
and someone saw my grin.
when he smiled I realized.
I’d passed it on to him!

I thought about that smile,
then I realized its worth.
a single smile just like mine,
could travel round the Earth!


My Fuel

The one thing in this world,
That wakes me day to day,
Giving me things in my life,
That use to be a dream to pray.

A fire deep inside my heart,
That pushes me to go,
Even when I want to stop,
It is the one thing that I know.

That one special thing,
The only needed tool,
That gets me through it all,
My love for God is fuel.

Sarah G

My Darling Sister

Sister, my sister, I love thee so, come sit beside me, share my light.
Consider the days past when we were young,
how we loved and cared for our very own,
how we picked wild flowers in the wood,
even though we were not allowed to roam.
How we would sneak out from home, romp in the sugarcane fields,
chase butterflies, pick strawberries until dusk took us unaware,
chase fireflies until mother called us to come home,
and sometimes scolded until our ears did burn.
Sister, my sister I miss thee so.

Arlene Carter

Jennifer And I

Who asked to hold and stop the tightest friendship ever ?,
Why did we drift apart and now we have a long term silence,
Did we no longer mix as a long term friendship no more in this silly world ?,
I feel we had to take a number the older we got back
in the happier days of you and I,
No good - byes were said, no hellos to be said any longer,
Our friendship died too long ago for us to see we fought a lot.

Stephenie Hodgson

More than Friendship

When I think of you going away,
It makes me sad and get all mad,
When I hear your name it makes me smile,
My friends say I could go on for a mile,
But to let someone go away from you,
It's like tearing your heart into pieces of two,
I just want to say,
That I still like you,
Even if we are just good friends,
I'll still believe in you,
May God guide you where ever you go,
And remember I'm here to watch your light grow.



You said that you would always be there for me.
But you weren’t.
When something happened I depended on you to be there.
But you were fishing.
I needed to talk to you.
But you were "busy".
Why when ever I needed you,
you were just gone?

Courtney Frace-DeBeck

losing a friend

you were once here by my side
now you're gone and I wave good bye
we were friends when we were small
we were friends when we grew tall
when times were rough we tried to work it out
we gave each other advice
when we were in doubt
we always had fun together
our friendship felt like it would last forever
till the day came when your life ended
I said good bye to my best friend
I never thought that this day would happen
my best friend is now in heaven



Good-bye is what you say when I turn and walk away
Good-bye is what you say when you’re not coming back to play
Good-bye is what you say when you’re going far away
Good-bye is what you say when your gone and on your way
Good-bye is what you say, but you did not say good-bye
When you never said good-bye
All I did was cry
So next time say good-bye
The next time that you die.

Shanice Penney

true friend

through good times & bad
through thick & through thin
when I did belong you help me fit in
you gave me a place in a world strange to me
your sweet smiling face was I could see
in a world full of frowns your laughter came through
when I found a friend that was true.

my homegirl wrote this poem to me before she died R.I.P. BROWNEYEZ I MISS U


Me And My Best Friend

Me and my best friend are like sisters
We believe in each other and we trust each other
We care for each other we depend on each other
Even though we come from different backgrounds
Age, color, size and appearance don’t matter to us
because we see people right through
I just wanted to say that my best friend is like my sister
because she is the only one
who accepts me for who I am and what I am.

Santana N.Z represent

China Bowl

Friendship is like a china bowl costly rich and rare,
once broken can be mended but the crack is always there.


~Best friends~

We've been best friends,
For, oh, so long,
It feels so right,
but yet so wrong.
You come to see me,
every week,
If only you knew,
You make my knees grow weak.
I tell my friends,
My feelings for you,
All but one,
that my love is true.
The one I can't tell
is a best friend too.
Why does it have to be her with you?

Brandy Owens

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