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your friend

you may lose a friend in this world
but they will always be
in your world
your heart

kayla collins

my friends

I don’t abuse them,
or use them,
I have fun with them,
cause they are my friends,


Confused Feelings

Having all these feelings is so confusing.
I wish we wouldn’t meet.
I bet if we didn't, everything would be straight.
But I had to talk to you that day.
My home girl told me about you. I thought I liked you and maybe I still do. We both messed up, it must be fate.
But with you I can't tell the difference
between love and hate.

Veronica Granados

Friends Can Be The Greatest

My friend
My cousin
Throughout good times
And bad
My friend
My buddy
Through happy and sad
Beside me you stand
Beside me you walk
Your there to listen
Your there to talk
With happiness
With smiles
With pain
I know you will be there.
Throughout the years!

Shaina Coe


the nature which is green,
is the world's queen,
but man doesn't know to keep it clean,
let us try it to make evergreen


Tried and true

You are my friend tried and true,
we're best buds me and you.
You are my friend, yes, you are,
and when I’m sad you lift me up
like a shooting star.
Even though we live far
we are best friends and you're my shooting star.



I have a best friend.
she will stay my friend till the very last end.
We are two of a kind known as two twins Gemini’s.
We are mainly stuck like glue and our plans never involve you.
People think were gay, but maybe their eyes just aren't straight.
They try to keep us apart but "apart" shell never last,
because we together make the word blast.

this poem is for my best friend Jackie Escamilla. who I’ve known almost all my life.

Ashley R. Reyes


3 days have gone
I still think you're the only one
No other can give me so much fun
Not even the rays of the morning sun

3 hours I've waited
Thinking I wouldn't end up jaded
You got me so frustrated
Felt like love has faded

3 years have passed
Since I saw the shadow that you cast
Time is running too fast
Will our friendship forever last?


Your Teddy Bear

If I could be your teddy bear
for just one night
before you drifted off to sleep
you'd hold me, oh, so tight
You'd tell me all about your dreams
of finding someone
to love and to hold in your arms
and for him to drive away your fears
And as those words escaped your lips
you would gently fall asleep
and not knowing it
your teddy bear would weep.
I'd cry because you would not know
you'd found your love, so true
and then I'd whisper in your ear
your teddy bear loves you.

max jaun

Just Us

It is just us till the very end.
Lovers will come and go, but in the end it is just us.
It starts out with us and it end with just us.
They may try as they will,
But they can never take away us from one other.
No one will ever know just how very much you mean to me.
They see the outside of us, but we know inside
It is just us till the very end of time.

(This is to all of my friends that I love so very much and not a thing can come between us.)

Toni Marie Lawrence


As I was walking,
you gave me a gentle hug,
thanks for caring so.
Now every time I pass you by,
I give you the same gentle hug,
that you once gave to me, thanks for caring,
Your smile that I see daily,
helps me along difficulties,
thanks for the beautiful smile.
Thanks for caring so much about another,
thanks for being a light in a dark tunnel,
you don't know how much you really mean to me.
And until I get a chance to show
I will be forever grateful.
Thanks... your friend.



Sharing thoughts...
Wiping tears...
Being there for one-another
through the years.
Giving advice, to make things right.
Showing you care by holding me tight.
When the road gets rough.
And the people keep on going.
You always seem to be there,
and our friendship keep on growing.

Samantha Brown Green

Two is Better than One

It's like a CD and CD player.
You can't have one without the other.
Friendship is like a love so great.
Love is like a heaven galore.
Our friendship is like fate.
And so two best friends get a high score.


friends in love!

You were my best friend,
and I didn't know.
That you were in love with me,
but it never showed.
But I in-turn,
had feelings too.
Feelings of love,
only for you.
Turning to loves,
after being friends.
Both afraid our friendship,
would end…



Walk with me if you want
walk beside me
Talk to me if you want
talk to me
Listen if you want
I'll listen back
ask and seek advice
don't be afraid
I'll help
I will always be there
In good times and bad times
In happy and sad times
I will follow you through life
I will be your friend.

SueAnna Williams

A friend forever

When I was little, maybe six or seven
I asked the Lord up in heaven,
dear Lord where can I get a friend?
one that will stick with me till the end?
In a silence a voice I heard:
“Lift up your head!”
“For I am your friend, and I am here to stay.
As each day continues to fade away!”



...a cheeky grin with SUNSHINE POWER!..
a laugh so funny, it will lighten even your darkest hour..
a chuckle, a giggle, a ha-ha, hee-hee,
who's is that sound?.. its?.. it's..
my friend.. LEE!!


Time Gone By...

Time has gone by,
The years pass with ease
Days go by unnoticed
Nothing remains the same.
Yet one thing and one alone,
Has stood the test of time,
You and me, dear friend of mine.

You are always there,
to confide in, to share with,
and most of all have fun.
For this I am most grateful,
I will cherish all my life.
A place in my heart is kept just for you,
my best friend, all the years through.


My gift

This is a very special gift
That you can never see
The reason it’s so special
Is it’s just from me

When ever you are lonely
Or every feeling blue
You only have to hold this gift
And know I think of you

You never can unwrap it
Please, leave the ribbon tied
Just hold the box close to you heart.
You know what’s inside…

miss love

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