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Friends forever

I am your friend and you are mine, so lets get together one summer day and build a fort that me and you will sit and stay.
There for you are my friend and i am yours you wont leave me because we will always be friends!
Friends forever


Friends Is What We'll Be

Friends are like angels sent from above
They came to give you an undying love.
Summer, winter, spring or fall,
They’re there to help you when you call.

I will be there for you,
When your days are lonely and blue.
You can call on me for a helping hand,
I’ll be there beside you to take that final stand.

I didn’t know where to start,
But this is a poem straight from the heart.
I’m here for you if you’re here for me,
That’s why friends is a thing we’ll always be.

Shayla Reed

I thank God that you are my friend

When I think of fear, my thoughts are few,
because I'm never alone, for there's always you.
I need not wonder, if I am truly loved by another,
For you have proven repeatedly,
that you love me as if I were your brother.
I feel honored and blessed to have you in my life,
I love you as my kin,
With truth as my witness:
" I thank God that you are my friend."

Jerry Harris


Everything you could have been
Everything you’ll be.
Everything you dream about
And everything you see.
All the times you fell so much
And times you let them go.
Times you thought you wanted love
And times you’ll never know.
Parts of you, you cannot hide
Parts I'll never see.
Parts that want to be alone
And parts you share with me.
All these things that make you whole
I love like no one could.
And this is why I dream of you
In ways a lover would.


If You Ever Need Me

If you ever need me I’m not far away,
If you ever need me call me today,
If you ever need a hug,
Or just a shoulder to cry on,
I’ll be there for you to even die on.

You can cry on my shoulder till my top is soaked,
Or hug me till I think I’ll choke,
I will sit there for hours and hours for you,
Just to make sure you know I’m there for you.

I’ll be there for you till the very end,
Just to prove to you you're my best friend.

By, Chelsey McClaugherty
Dedicated to Tiffany O.



Life is like a movie...
when you're happy "it's comedy"
when you're sad "it's drama"
when you got an enemy "it's action"
when you face the mirror "It's horror"
and when you are alone "IT'S A FRIEND YOU NEED.


~Friendship ~

Friendship is to value, to take time to build
Friendship is to be in moral interests
Not walking away from moral standards
Friendship says stay loving God in all heart and soul
Friendship in not based upon needs,
But, based upon mutual interest
In our Lord, Jesus Christ
Friendship is genuine loving
Our gift of loving comes from our Father God
Friendship knows, that no one can meet all our needs,
But the One who most love us;
Our best of all friends,
The Christ Jesus...

Helen Harris

One Key

A key is something worth holding onto
It unlocks many treasures in one's life
It is the keeper of those things most precious
Such as the comforts and remembrances
And of the secrets which nobody knows

But most of all it has the power to unlock the heart s doors
Withholding all the love that I have for you
The memories that we share
The bond that keeps us together

You have been the key to my life
Inspired and changed me in so many ways
Making sure I don't lose you
Carrying you with me wherever I go

It is behind the doors of the heart
Where my love for you lies
And only you will have the key



Life is a game never won nor lost…
First I heard voices,
now I see faces.
*not all scares show*
*not all wounds heal*
*sometimes you can’t always see*
*the pain someone else feels*
* its really cool when 3 strangers
become best friends,
but really sad when 3 best friends
become strangers*.
People don't change things, things change people…


This is Me

I am who I am,
please accept it,
I know I have changed,
but this is me.

Please don't be mad at me,
everyone changes,
sometimes it is hard to accept,
but this is me.

Stay by my side,
I need you now more than ever,
because change isn't just hard on the people around me,
it's hard on me too!

Just be there for me,
through all of my troubles,
even though you get tired of it,
I need you to be there for me...


Danielle - She can always make me smile

We met and I thought you’d be my friend
But then I liked you how fast came the end
You decided to go ahead and give us a whirl
I can’t believe I lost my chance with the perfect girl
Now she’s happy being friends with me
I wish she could just be able to see
I really don’t need her to be my girl
But if she was that'd be my life’s pearl
She'd be the one that made it all worth while,
But no matter what, she can always make me smile



When everyone is sleeping,
And no one is weeping,
That is when I am around.

When no one is hurting,
And the stars are burning,
High in the sky,
That is when I am nearby.

If someone is in love,
And there is a dove
That is where I am.

You may think that I am never there
And that I don't care
But I am always where
You can find me in your heart.


Sister, sister where are you ?

Sister, sister where are you?
I look at the sky and ask myself
sister, sister where are you?
Then I start looking for you in the sky.
The harder I try I just can't see you.
And then I just stare at the sky.
I wonder how would my life be if you were here.
How would you look, would you always be here when I need you?
Would you be with me in the good & bad times?
Sister, sister where are you?
Why did God had to take you away from us?


Me and you

you were there when times were dark
and that told me you had a big heart
you were there when times were good
and we ate each others food
when my cheeks were wet from fallen tears
you told me to erase my fears
we were no longer together
like a fallen feather
we each went our separate ways
so I cried through the days
I was hoping we could try again
and be friends till the end

stefany macario

"You know you're with a friend"

when you're with someone who makes you smile,
someone who helps you see
how beautiful the simple things in life can be
when you're with someone with warmth to share and kindness to extend,
someone who really knows you...then you know you're with a friend.
when you're with someone who cares about the things you try to do,
someone you can confide your deepest thoughts and feelings to
when you're with someone you trust in never needing to pretend,
someone who helps you know yourself,-you know you're with a friend


When I made a wish

If you see a falling star
make a wish for it may come true,
because the last time I did
I found a friend
like you.


someone to ... A shoulder to cry on when I am sad,
someone to blame when I am mad
someone to wipe away my tears
someone to chase away my fears
someone to walk with, talk with
and share fun days…
But when we grow up,
we'll go our separate ways.

your friend

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