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fly with the angels

"Why do angels fly?" I asked myself one day
They’re free of sorrows, worries and fears
My mother always said
So, my friend, if you're in pain
fly with the angels and soar the skies
play and lie in the cotton clouds
and then go to the rainbow and slide
my friend, bad memories always fade
and the good ones will come and stay
never regret things you can’t control or change
a lesson you've learned from your mistakes
let go of the pain and lead your way
fly with the angels, my dear friend
for there's always hope, and hope will never end


Because I know I've got you.

Friendship is the thing we have,
and I'm glad to share it with you.
In times of sadness you're always there,
to help what I'm going through.
We'll stay together forever and ever,
even when there's nothing to do,
I always know I'll be ok,
because I know I've got you.

Jessica Kabirat

I am there

When no one understands you,
all they do is stare,
they don't even have a clue,
just know that I am there.
You feel you're all alone,
thinking how life isn't fair,
then you start to cry,
but just know that I am there.
Times when were apart,
and you're out some place somewhere,
no matter the circumstance,
just know that I am there.
When you're in your darkest moments,
and no one seems to care,
no one to hold you,
just know that I am there.
So remember you're not alone,
especially when you are scared,
I'm with you till the day I die,
but even then, "I'll still be there."


An ode to an angel

(Dedicated to a very special friend)

Who says miracles never happen?
They do for those lucky few.
Believe me, once I also met an angel
And it was simply a fairy tale come true.

With her wings of friendship,
She descended perhaps from those blue skies
And the best of both the heaven and the earth,
Dwelled in the innocence of her eyes.

And now that she has gone away,
I wonder if it’s too late to make amends
Oh, if only I could turn back the time
And just return to being friends.

But even if she never comes back to me
This, I will cherish till my very end
I have been amongst those lucky few to have seen a miracle
Yes, once even I had an angel friend.

Bhaskaryya Baruah

It Must Be Love

When I looked into your eyes, I felt my lonely spirit rise.
When I heard your voice on the phone, I had no longer felt alone.
I had been on my own for quite a while
so for me you've opened up a brand new file.
A new beginning but this time no end
because your not just my lover you are my friend!!

By Josie and Kezxx
Go For It Mum!xx

Keelie and Josie


Parting is a sorrow, yet a sorrow so sweet
First we meet to part and part again to meet
I know not where we'll meet, how or when
With all my heart I wish you all the best till we meet again
What brought us together was the desire to know more
On our separate ways we go to our nation's former glory restore
Compulsory it's that we part that we maybe influential women and men
The Almighty bless you till we meet again
I was glad on our departure that none shed a tear
Given to us the Spirit of love, power and a sound mind replacing that of fear
Released to our world as chicks leaving the wings of the hen
God be with all of you till we meet again


Blue Is.....

Blue is everywhere
Blue is the racing clouds
Blue is a refreshing drink
Blue is in my eyes

Blue is a hot fire
Blue is soothing
Blue is a lake
Blue is a door opening

Blue is Nicole's favorite color
mine is green


more than friends

if ever I was to say who I want to love forever
that person would be you
if ever I was to smile just by a thought
I know that my heart came true
you’re my friend, but I love you
I know it’s hard to express with the world looking on us,
but you are the one for me, that feeling I can trust
for just one moment look in my eyes
so we can fall in love, and together live our lives



When will I speak?
How can I tell you the truth?
About who I am

I'm not this person
Who is standing beside you
I'm someone different

I want to walk my own path
It seems as if ending our friendship
Is the only way to do so…


Hard to find to Amanda

I know this person who’s sweet and kind,
It’s the type of person who’s hard to find,
this person is someone you can always trust,
she is always willing to forgive, despite the past,
she always has a smile and likes to have fun,
and always does what she says wants done,
this person is way beyond priceless,
she always considers helping when someone’s in crisis,
she brings joy and happiness to our hearts,
I hope that we never part,
I thank this person for always being there for me,
especially being my eyes when I couldn’t see,
this person is my best friend,
and forever I'll be there for her until the end.


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