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My Love For You

My love for you is as cool as the ocean
as we walked through the waves with love and devotion
my love for you is not as complex
itís not just your looks or the great sex
itís your personality that shines to me
being with you shows what love can be
I look at the picture that you sent me
knowing your waiting makes me happy
all the times weíve spent together
I just hope the good times can last forever and ever
I never want anyone to tear us apart
a piece of you will always be in my heartÖ


Who You Are

When you wear those faded blue jeans,
Or that varsity jacket,
All the girls stare.
But inside I know,
They do not love you for who you are,
But what you are.
For I love you all the time,
Not just in your jeans,
Or your varsity jacket.
And you love who I am too.


Pain= Love

There's pain in my heart
that wonít let me live.
There's pain in my life
only you can relief.
I'm so glad it was you
that stayed by my side.
You know and I know that
our love will never die.
Our love will always come through.
It's like a dream come true....



Your eyes are what made me fall.
I gave you my number and you really did call.
We've been together almost 3 years.
We actually made it through the hard times and tears.
I count the seconds that we are apart.
The day seems so long but youíre in my heart.
I really do hope that you feel the same way
because I want to be with you forever and a day.


A promise

Baby, we may not be the best
of what we are,
we may not talk often,
I just want you to know
that no matter
how difficult things can be,
In the long run
You will still have me

Alicia Smith

You never knew

I love you so much
I canít even explain
You are my love and forever friend,
There is nothing I could want
More than you.
You are so special
In your own unique way.
There is nothing I could trade you for,
because I love you too much,
To just pass you by
And say my last goodbyes.

Becky Whisler

More than anything

I love you more than anything
More than a diamond ring
You smell like the flowers in the spring
You bring the joy of everything
You're my all
I love you more than anything


Never thought

Our love, that started as a game,
I never thought I'd one day be crying
with the feeling of never ending pain.
The day you looked me in my eyes
I never thought you could tell so many lies,
one day you were there and the next day gone.
But I still love you the same,
even after you did me wrong.

Jalisaea McKenzie

One Love

As you stray your hands
All the way through my light hair
One simple touch of your hand
Makes my body shiver everywhere.
The way you hold me so closely
Into the deep, starry, black sky
With each touch of your hands
Makes my body feel free to fly.
Looking a little bit deeper
You see the shade of my eyes
You know all of my fears
You know how many times I have cried.
It all seems perfect
But it's not as good as it seems
I can't have him ever because
This love was only a dream.


Sometimes I wonder

sometimes I wonder if what she says is what she means,
sometimes I wonder, do I stay or leave, sometimes I wonder,
what should I say, sometimes I wonder, will she stay,
sometimes I wonder, will I get to play, sometimes I wonder,
what will happen another day, sometimes I wonder....
no I don't wonder,
I know, I love her!!

colton marshall

the hardest thing about love

The hardest thing about dreaming about someone you love
is to wake up
but if the only place I could see you was in my dreams
I would sleep forever


He loves me

If love asks a question, do not deceive
For the truth is the answer, I only believe

If my heart should open, love do not fear
Or if my eyes in happiness shed a tear

Let the wind in my soul blow you away
And the sun in my heart brighten your day

If love and life I was asked to compare
Both of these with you I wish to share

Nicola Edmanson

love is strange

Love is a strange thing. It is a flower, so delicate
that a touch will broke it
& so strong that nothing will stop its growth.
think how often we miss love in a life time by a wrong gesture..
by an unspoken word.. by not keeping silent at the right time..
we lose it by interference of other people,
by a lack of money and communication,
by a quarrel over something stupid and yet..
we cannot live without it..


Can I keep you?

Lives are for living I live for you
Dreams are for dreaming I dream for you
Hearts are for beating mine beats for you
Angels are for keeping. Can I keep you?

Mele Luhama Piutau

Believe In Me

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Do you believe dreams come true?
Do you believe in all this, I know I do!
I believe that dreams come true
because I have always dreamed of someone like you .
I believe in love at first sight
because it just felt so right when I saw you that night.
Now I believe, so, baby, please never leave ,
just stay with me and maybe you will finally see
that you also believe in me !!!

Amber Dunaway

To My Guy

no matter what I do,
no matter what I say,
no matter how I feel,
I know we'll be together someday.
You've been pulled away from me,
so I helped to push you back,
now I know what I lack.
I miss your arms around me,
and when I used to giggle.
I miss you touching me,
that always made me wiggle.
I know we'll be together someday,
I know fate will have it's way.
Itís our destiny.


Only for Vanessa K

I ran out of ways to tell you I love the clothes you wear.
Can't picture going a whole day without the smell of your hair.
Vanessa, why do I love you so much?
I'd pick your lips over a Reese Peanut Butter Cup.
Why has god taken us down these roads this way?
Is it to the end or to another gate?
You know that I'll do anything for you.
Never will I pressure you to say the words "I DO".
But before the devil has a chance to draw a line,
I thank god everyday that you are mine.

Joey Harris


On this earth I wouldn't want to be
If you were not here, standing next to me.
I have finally found the woman to share my life,
Katy Patrice Miller, will soon become my wife.
I will love, cherish and honor her as long as we both shall live
I pledge my undying love to her... my word I do give.
I will never leave her lonely, with questions and concerns
about the way I really feel or how my heart always yearns
To have her take my hand is a dream that I have had.
Standing at the alter as I take her from her Dad.
Don't worry Craig, I'll love her from the depths of my soul.
I have found a diamond amidst this pile of coal.

Troy Layne Jeremias


Why am I sitting here wanting to cry
Why am I feeling your love wants to die
This pain that your feeling, I can feel it too
I believe it's because we are one, united, me and you
Iíve tried to imagine life without you near
It's only left me sad, lonely and my heart full of fear
What would I do, who would I become
I know that if I lost you my heart would only run.
Run back to you just like from the start,
Run back to Katy the girl who has won my heart.

Troy Layne Jeremias


the years are going by so fast
and our love will always last,
our ups and downs
the way we care
the love together we will always share,
the two lovely children
we call our own
which is what has made our happy home,
without each other we wouldn't be
a happy little family,
it's love that draws 2 people close
thatís why I love you the most!


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