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When I met you

When I met you
I was scared to talk to you
When I talked to you
I was scared to kiss you
When I kissed you
I was scared to hold you
When I hold you
I was scared to love you
Now that I love you
I'm scared to loose you


A Kiss

A kiss blone is a kiss wasted
The only real kiss is a kiss tasted
So pucker up kiss away!

Hope Newton

If i could be anything

If i could be anything in this whole wide world,
I'd be your tear drop.
Born in your eyes, live on your cheeks
and die on your lips


I want you

I hate standing in the rain alone.
I hate spending a sunny day all alone.
I hate it when it snows and I am alone.
I hate wasting my time on some things.
Some things that don't waste there time on me.
So you waste your time on me.
And I will waste my time on you.





The best of my dears

The silvery girl in green
Looking as a snow-capped mountain,
Is as innocent as an ocean;
So, I made her my companion.

Keeping the shinning pearl pieces
Rolling down her pink cheeks
In the heart, she flashes
Sensuous smiles, a heart seeks.

Giving a hope for an achievement
Her tongue sinks others tears;
The lovelorn lass is enough talent,
To be the best of my dears.


To Craig

Unexpected turn
What made it happen
Still filled with sadness and remorse
But you, you made it bearable

Making me feel special
Making me feel beautiful
   small things
   small gestures

Forever indebt to you
Forever in love with you
The future is unclear
But every moment fills me with hope
   Hope for you
   Hope for me
   Hope for you and me


**I Wish You Knew**

I wish you knew the way I felt
Everytime I looked at you,
I wish you knew my heart would melt
When I thought of me and you,

I wish you knew the pain you caused
When you chose to love someone new,
I was about to tell you but I paused
When I tried to say, "I LOVE YOU"...

Blakely loves Jonathan

Love that change my life

Love is like the sun,
that shines into our heart,
the love that we share will always be in pair,
the beauty i see in your eyes,
is the beauty of the white shiny sky,
my love will never leave your sight as it has always,
you're the sun that shines so bright like the stars that i love to sight,
your are the world that change my life.

Vang Xai Yang

I Love You

If I say I love you,
Would you say you love me too?
IF I say I miss you,
Would you say you miss me too?

If we ever got together,
Would it be forever?
I know that you say you love me,
But is it really true?

I just want to tell you,
That I love you too


The way you make me feel

The way you look, you kiss, you feel,
You are so sweet and our love is real.
I don't know why you are so sweet,
You are the type of guy I wanted to meet.

I know I try to make you believe,
Believe in our love and believe in me.
I hope you know that I am only true to you,
I know that you love me, please say you do.

I hope you feel this way tell me it is true,
Because I already know that I will always love you.


How could I say

How could I say this,
To make it simple,
How could I say this,
Not to make you cry,
How could I say this,
Without saying goodbye,
Cause you are the one,
Who always make me smile.


Have you ever

Have you ever loved someone,
And known they didnt love you?
Have you ever wanted to cry,
And wondered what they'd do?
Have you ever looked into their eyes,
And known they didnt care?
Have you ever looked into their heart,
And wished that you were there?
Never fall in love my friend,
You'll see it doesnt pay,
It isn't worth the heartache it causes on the way.
Again I say dont fall in love,
and all i say is true.
You see my friend i ought to know
Cause I fell in LOVE with YOU.


I won't Lie

I won't lie to you,
for to lie to a goddess is a sin;
I love your mind and soul,
And I love you from heart to skin.


I Want

Some some sweet talks
Silent stars nights darks
And the only topic of my conversation,
Will be....
You are mine... dearest Heart.

Samra Farooq

No One Else Will Do

There's no one in this world
Besides you, for me.
It may have taken me a moment,
But now I finally see.
That loding you would take my world
And tear it all apart.
But stopping it there would be the end,
There wouldn't be another start.
I hope right now, along with me,
You'll say these three words, too.
You are the GREATEST person I've ever met.
And BABY, I Love You.

James Ysunza

Biggest Fear

"I love you," I would always whisper in your ear..
and the bond we shared was unique and clear.
You were my happiness, my joy, you were always near...
But just like that, out from sadness tears appear...
'Cuz how can something I loved...
something that gave me my biggest fear?

Sylvester Sison

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