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Do I Love You?

It's not that I haven't found the answer,
I’m sure there is a reason why,
but I seem to forget it now,
am I the devil or it is normal in all relationship,
people keep on saying "you need to find someone
who love you more than you love him",
but what if I am so in loved with him
to realize that he love me more than I do,
somehow I haven't seen the sign,
my heart is sure that he love me,
but my mind keep on denying it....

aishah othman

I love you grandma

Am I just supposed to sit here and not talk about you?
or do I share your wonderful secrets
and happiness with everyone I know?
The best part about you is when I was sick
you would tell me to get up there on you lap
and wed watch a movie or wheel of fortune.
The best thing of all is I know
that you're not suffering anymore!
We’ll be with you one day up in heaven!
And we'll be together just like old times!


My Angel

You’re my angel
My lullaby
Forever yours
Until I die

You’re my angel
My sweetest thought
Eternally yours
My dear angel, the only one I've got.

Dedicated to Jonathan Lovelady
(I love you so much.)


I Love You

On Sunday afternoons in the middle of July
I like sitting in the sun just looking in the sky.
I like listening to the birds singing in the trees - in July.

I hate going to work when the sun shines
Or standing in the rain.
I hate queuing at a bus stop,
Or trying to read a paper on a train.

On cold December mornings I like walking through the snow
I like watching all the people as off to work they go.
I like dozing in a chair, without a care - in December.

On rainy April days I just like sitting at home.
I like reading a book or simply being alone.
I like thinking of you, and all the things that you do - in April
But most of all I like loving you.

You're a Sunday afternoon, a December morning too.
You're an April day, sunshine in June
- You're you.

I Love You

The day is bright and you are too.
I need to say that I love you.

When the dark wind blows and many fear;
It's good to know that you are near.

The more I learn, the more I know
That in my heart, your love does grow


My Everything....

You are my everything you mean the world to me,
You are in everything i do and see..

You are my everything my sun on a hot summers day,
You make me feel loved in every way..

You are my everything mymoon on a starlit night,
Only you have the power to make everything alright..

You are my everything my earth my wind my fire,
Your my one and only fantasy your my lifetime one desire..

You are my everything ive loved you from the start,
My everything its you that owns my heart..


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Life without you is like love without words
Life without you is like pain and a lot of hurt
Life without you is like being treated like dirt
Life without you is like always being jerked
Life without you is like no life at all
so be in my life and keep me happy
and please don’t let me fall



I care for you a lot
They say it's crazy but it's not
I want you to know
You impressed me so
I'll be simple
Yet true
Hey, girl, I got a crush on you!


There is an "US"

Never knew this time would come
always wondered when it would be me
When it would be us....
But deep inside, faith and hope,
Yes, these assured.....
Always dreamed, always prayed,
and yes, hoped this day would come...
Look into your eyes, and see a reflection of you love,
your commitment, your presence,
and yes, to hear those words,
I love you.....
Oh! this was meant for me too! for us too!
And finally we have made it.........
Us for life!!! yes, us for life!


Not ready

I hate hearing your voice at the end I cry already
I want to call back and tell you, but I think you’re not ready Even though you ask why I cry
these tears of pain not knowing why
The thing is I’m afraid I cry for you that is why I cry
I don’t think one day has gone by
that you haven’t crossed my mind
every time I remember I cry.
I can’t even go to bed, cause when I close my eyes
all I see is you in my head
Why it hurts so bad to love I don’t know
Its even so hard letting go

ingrid varholdt

I think I'm in love

I remember when we first met eachother
Clicked auomatically,we were always together
and i was kind of scared cause I never felt this way
I wanted to be with you every single day
You always called and made me laugh when I was mad
and somehow you made me smile when I was feelin' so sad
Finally you told me you had feelings for me
The way you described it, I was feeling the same thing
The way you held my hand and kissed my forehead
The things you said had me laughing to myself while I was in my bed
the feeling I had for you went from a crush to a rush to where I always put u above
And now all I can say is... I think Im inlove


Love is Forever

Nothing can be greater
Nothing more strong
Than the love I have for you
This will be forever
This will be a bond

The one thing I have
That is worth more than gold
The love I have for you
Will stand strong

As long as I have you
As long as this love is true
I shall always be in happy bliss
Holding on with all my might
Floating in this happy sight

Yes its true "I love you"
Forever and ever
With all I have
With all I am
I love you


I Will Love You Forever

I love you so deeply,
I love you so much,
I love the sound of your voice,
And the way that we touch,

I love your warm smile,
And your kind, thoughtful way,
The joy that you bring,
To my life everyday,

I love you today,
As I have from the start,
And I'll love you forever,
With all of my heart,

I love you.


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