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Forever As One

Two souls joined in heaven above
Two hearts bound by love.
I see the stars in your eyes,
My fire in the dark of night,
My strength and guiding light.
A deep love we hold
Never to die
Never again to be alone.
Closing my eyes I hear what you say
The oneness we became
Thru all the hurt and pain
Never changing your loving ways
Together never to part.
Our love a gift from God above
Deep inside our hearts
Forever as one.

Elizabeth Gage

Object of My Secret Desire

Kiss me, my lips are on fire.
And you, my friend are the object
Of my secret desire.

Lisa Canfield

Dreams Of You

As I Say My Prayers
And Lay Down In My Bed
I Still Have Thoughts Of You
Running Through My Head
Then I Dream
You Hold Me In Your Arms
As In My Ear You
Whisper Your Sweet Charms
Then I Wake Up And The Tears
Start To Fall
For I Realized You Weren't
There At All
Maybe Someday This Dream Will Come True
And That Someone Will Realize
How Much I Love You !


Heart song

You and me together
in silence,
complete silence.
But I can hear our hearts
singing in unison,
singing in harmony,
singing a song called

Rob Mckeown


*They don’t want us together. But we're forever.
*They will never know the feelings in our hearts.
They came into our lives and tried to tear us apart.
*I love you. But they don’t want me to.
*They can’t keep us apart. We’re not meant to part.
*They can’t take you away. You’re here in my heart to stay.
*They don’t want us together. But we'll always be forever.


The way you make me feel

I see you down the hallways as quiet as can be,
and when I saw you look up you smiled at me,
you make me feel so happy,
just when you say my name,
and every time I call you
I can tell you feel the same.
You still like me Jordon,
And, yes, I like you too,
its just the way you make me feel
when you do the things you do.
It’s true if you could only understand
how much I really want you,
Jordon Stevens, as my man.


I. L.O.V.E Y.O.U.

I love you more than life itself
Every day you’re in my head
You will be my hero until I'm dead
Over under below and above
You are my life, my savior, my love.



Why can't you just call
Is it too much to ask?
How hard is it
to just push those buttons,
And then say my name?
My parents aren’t mean,
they won't care.

You used to love me,
but I guess
that was then and this is now,
now you love Courtni
even though she is the only one
in the school that doesn't love you back.
Is it too much to ask, please,
just give me a call…


My melody...

You're the music that lives in me,
I'm united with it..
It plays orchestra of amour…
All I must do is fall into the arms
of summer breeze thinking it's You.. my melody...
My senses are genuine.. all I truly know is what I feel...
the melody of my heart
that sails through the seas of my soul,
and carries wind with the pledge of my love to You...
the wind that caresses me gently in the ambience of eternity...

Meg Celine Liban

My Dream

In my dreams you are there,
you smile as I run my finger in your hair.
Your eyes are soft.
Your hands are smooth,
Your voice is strong but sensitive, too
You care for me, die for me.
As I would for you, you’re my love.
You are my dream forever, it shall seem.
And some day you shall return.
And in your arms I shall fall.
You are my dream over all.

Jasmine Jones

I Love you
To Chris (from your babygirl)

I love you when the sun is shining,
I love you when the skies are gray,
I love you more when you are sleeping
Watching you slumber as you lay.

I love you truly from my heart,
Praying that our love will never part,
Even when I was down and all alone,
It was your love that brought me safely home.


I never will

When I first met you, I just thought
you'd be another person coming into my life
then eventually leaving.
But as our time together moved on, I realized,
you were different, you were special.
You treated me so good, you made me feel
like such a good person.
Every night as I laid in bed thinking about you,
I'd realize how much I love you.
I never want to leave you, I never will,
and nothing could ever change that.

Dedicated to James


together forever

I love you when you’re standing near
and when apart it draws a tear
I love you when we are together
to fall apart will happen never
I love you till the day I die
even though you’ve made me cry
but through the good and the bad
sorry for the times I made you mad
me and you is what I see
and all I know is we were meant to be

Kayla C.

Just A Friend

Love is a special feeling
that can only be felt by you
all you want is that person
that very special one
he makes you complete forever more
you don’t need anything else but him
as you look in his eyes
you know it is love
the time is here
you must let him go
as you do your heart breaks in two
after all
through his perfect eyes
you will only ever be
just a friend

emma t

.I love you, yes.

I love you, baby, you know I do
you are the one I love so true
I love your sweet tender touch
I love you, yes, I love you so much
I love the way you look at me
I love the way you make me see
I love your sweet & innocent smile
I love you, yes, you drive me wild
I love it when you hold me tight
I love you, because it just feels so right
I love it when your lips touch mines
I love you, yes, all the time
I love the way you captured my heart
I loved you right from the start
I loved you then & I love you still
and I always, always will...


Piece of advise

Have you ever loved somebody that didn't really loved you???
Well I have...
And you know, I think that maybe
LOVE is a curse that blinds us all...
It is worse than crashing on a brick wall...
I think that LOVE is like a prankster...
It makes a fool out of you...
It can make you do things that you would never do...
Maybe at first LOVE is nothing but happiness...
But after that it all becomes sadness...
I think that love is a traitor that we always hire...
A traitor that will always backfire...
My friend, believe me that all the things I've said is true...
Because I fell in love with you...



How do I tell of my love for you...
and of all the things that for you I would do?

How do I tell of our friendship so strong...
and how I know with you I could never go wrong?

How do I share how you know me so well...
and of our many secrets, many to tell?

There's no way to put into words how I feel.
But, I love you so much, and it's such a big deal!

I Love You!!

Kristen Anne

Poisoned Kisses

Your kisses just as your words are poison,
I drank to many of these sweet words of no meaning,
I'm afraid to say I'm drowning now,
With no way out,
But just as you try to fill my soul with more damage and hatred,
He steps in front of me,
Like my knight,
My hero of the day,
Kisses all the wounds that you left on me,
Sucks all the poison away,
Now that I'm happy and you can no longer control me,
You burn into ashes,
And wither away,
My love has once again saved the day.


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