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I'm in love

The touch of your skin,
The feel of your hair,
waking up to see you are there,
What is this feeling?
I search for answers
in the stars above,
But only one makes sense:
Baby, I’m in love

Chris Torngren

My Dear Zach

When we first started talking online,
I knew there was something there,
but I had already found a guy
but you waited for me and now
I am yours and you’re mine,
sure there have been times
when we have almost lost each other
but that only makes us stronger
and know that we can overcome
all the little problems,
well to this day we are still together
I can't wait till the day
we meet face to face
I hope that will only make our love grow fonder
I love you with all my heart
and I don't want to lose that feeling


A Far Away Love

You've been gone for so long,
and I can't feel your touch,
so I just want you to know ,
that I miss you so much.

I sit here day dreaming,
day after day,
and that extremely cute smile of yours ,
just won't go away.

so I’ll wait for the day, that you and I can be,
but for now I just want you to know,
you mean so much to me.


No hope

I've been down, I’ve been beaten, I've been so tired,
I could not speak, I've been so lost that I could not see,
I wanted things that were out of reach,
then I found you and you helped me
you show me what to do that's why I’m coming back to you
like a star that guides a ship across the ocean,
that's how your love can take me home back to you,
If I wish upon that star that someday I’ll be where you are
I know that day is coming soon,
You been alone but you did not show it
You’ve been in pain when I did not know it,
You let me do what I needed to do,
but you were here when I needed you,
might of let you down, might of messed you around,
but you've never changed your point of view
that's why I’m coming back to you

Carol Chambers

Love is...

is what you do
to a person loving you
to a person there for you
and one that also loves you

is what came through
a feeling I always felt and knew
And this feeling is so true
and come to know, I do love you


Today I live for you

Today I live for you
And the rest I live and breathe
Some days I lay and think about
The stuff that goes on in me
Than I think of you
Who has my heart for life
And wonder if you will treat it good
Or will you stab it with a knife
Than I think of you some more
And the times I’ve spent with you
Than I realize how much you mean
And how much I mean to you

aaron fitch

My one and only

Before you came into my life, I had nothing.
But now that you have stepped into my life, I have everything.
You are my one and only, I swear will never cry or be scared again,
Because you have wiped away my tears, and helped me get over my fears.
You've made me feel wanted; you've made me feel special.
I promise you I will never let you go,
I promise you I will love you with all my heart and soul.


In Words

In words I can not say
I’m loving you today

In words you can not hear
In my heart you are so dear

In words you can not feel
In my heart you are so real

In words you can not sense
The love is so intense

In words you can not touch
I love you, oh, so much

In words that come at night
The feeling is so right

In all the words I knew
Is my favorites I love you



I see his picture, you remind me so much of him.
I think of the striking similarities,
I also think of the one thing that sets you'll apart.
He has the heart to hurt me and put me down,
You have the heart to hold me and lift me up.


The purest gift

The purest gift is not of gold,
and it's not made of money,
it is inside your mind and soul,
and it's as sweet as honey.

A present that will last forever,
it can not die away,
because it is the truest feeling,
and it is here to stay.

You can't exchange this gift,
it can not fly away like dove,
no matter where or when,
it is the purest gift of love.

D. Angelina E.

You’re the best dad ever

If I had to choose you or a million dollars,
I'd pick you.
No matter what happens,
I'll always do.
You are the best father,
Any girl could have.
You are worth more than a million dollars to me,
and I wanted you to know that.
I love you.

Dedicated to my father.

victoria mekker


Your kisses made my Lips
Your tears made my Eyes
Your perfume made my Nose
Your voice made my Ears
Your hugs made my Arms
Your strength made my Legs
Your love made my wings
And my wings found your love

Diana C

For You

Climb up a mountain,
fly off a cliff,
drown in the ocean,
freeze my legs stiff,
give everything,
including my last breath,
always forgive,
but never regret,
cry my eyes out,
even go blind,
change my heart and my mind,
for you I'd all this and more,
because it is you
I love, cherish, and adore.


Together Forever

Through all the things we've been through,
Through everything we've done.
I will always be there for you,
I will always be the one.
I'll never leave your side,
You're forever in my heart.
I'll never make you cry,
I know we'll never part.
I look at you baby,
I still can't believe you’re mine.
I think about you endlessly,
I think about you all the time.
I trust you completely,
And I want you to remember,
I love you so sweetly,
Now...and forever.


Love is like...

love is like a baby
smooth at first, rough at the end
love is like a bird
you fly so high and go so far
love is like you mom
you can't deal with it
or live without it


"I'm Lonely Without You"

I love you very much, {can't you see?}
When I'm not with you, I can't be me.

Let's stay together until we die.
And when we die together there we lie.

With us, our love will never end.
No one could come between us,
So we will never have to mend.

Our souls were always meant to be.
We're the perfect couple can't you see?

There will be no... What! Where! Who!?
We're at the church, and there we say "I Do."

Tiffany {Dedicated 2 Donny}

When Love First Strikes

When love first strikes
Your heart will burn
Your head will get dizzy
your stomach will churn
You'll start to lose balance
The room will spin 'round
You'll start to feel weaker
Your heart starts to pound
Words in your head
Will get lost in a whirl
Instead of thinking
Your mind will twirl
Love is so passionate,
So beautiful and sweet
Without love, there's no life,
No breath, no heartbeat..


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