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Everyone messes up
There's always something said wrong
Words can be hurtful
Hearts can be crushed
Love could be lost

Something sweet is said
Love becomes real
Hearts become touched
Two becomes one
Feelings get so strong

But... I Love You!


Without You...

Time pass by as I watch its breeze,
My heart is in entropy and I can't feel the ease;
So many things I want you to know,
That without you my life can't go..

Samuel Francisco

Love hurts, and yet it soothes

Love hurts, it can also sooth.
I'll be with you, very soon,
But your girl friend will never know of our love,
so you said. What about that night?
We were in the car? Holding each other kissing,
then she came, as the door was opened ajar.
But we love each other, that much is true.
Love hurts, but it can also sooth.

Brittany Carmine

As Time Flies By

As time flies by
I stop to ponder
Stop to wonder
What it is I have done wrong

To end where I am
And ask myself then
What have I done right
To have met you

I long to look
Into your eyes
Like sparkling emeralds
Set into stars

I long to be with you
To hold your hand
And to have your heart

To Chelsea...

Joey Manna

the love i have for u

Leaves may from green to gold
and the sky from blue to grey.
The time keeps changing too
from autumn, spring to winter.
People keep changing too,
but one thing
will never change
is the love
I have for you


I miss you

Baby, I never knew I could miss you so much,
I never thought that this would happen,
Two years I have to wait,
believe me, baby, I sit here and cry,
every night,
I miss you so much,
wish you would come back,
and hold me in your arms,
I will sit here, everyday,
I will wait for you,
I will wait for your love,
please hurry, baby,
I miss you so much.



Our Relationship

I love you,
We're going out.
But we're not close at all, like glue,
And I love it when you pout.
You're so cute,
Like a little puppy.

But out of all the things you do and say,
I love it when you smile.
It makes my legs feel like jelly,
When you smile at me.
So to shorten this up,
You remind me of a sunshine day.
Only you.
Remember that!!


The thief of mine

Help! Help!
Someone, please,
He stole my heart
Call a police
Where is the help?
I can’t breathe
I think it is


We Have

we have a bond
we are in love
we are more
than what I ever dreamed of.
we are special
we are rare,
people envy what we share.
we are so different
yet we share one soul.
we have something that can't let go.
we have a past,
Cause you were my first,
And I want you as my last.
Suga(you gave me this nickname)

A promise

Baby, we may not be
the best of what we are,
we may not talk often.
I just want you to know
that no matter
how difficult things can be...
In the long run
You will still have me..


I'll Wait

This heartache I just can't explain,
All I ever feel is pain,
That passion I long for true love for real,
His gentle caressing what I long to feel,
A love that when we are together
we'd rather die than be apart,
A love that when our lips meet
I can feel the kiss from his heart.
I'll wait forever to have this special love,
I'll even wait for all eternity in the heavens above,
All this waiting for him may cause me pain and strife,
But I'll wait, because this love comes once in a life.


Just a feeling

I wonder why do I love you when it was all just a feeling?
Why don't I just stop dreaming, for it's just a feeling and nothing more.
I didn't want to love you when I knew there wasn't going to be any exits.
Now I have to hold on since I was the one who invented this passion.
I told myself that I wasn't ready, for love is not a game.
Now I have to hold on cause there’s no one to rescue me.
I guess I should just pretend that I was dreaming.


Always Love You

I can close my eyes to things
I don't want to see...
But how can I close my heart to things
I don't want to feel...


I Wish

I wish you the courage to be warm
when the world would prefer that you be cool.
I wish you success sufficient to your needs,
I wish you failure to temper that success.
I wish you joy in all your day,
I wish you sadness so that you may better measure joy.
I wish you gladness to overbalance grief.
I wish you a humor and a twinkle in the eye.
I wish you glory and the strength to bear its burdens.
I wish you sunshine on your path and storms to season your journey...
I wish you peace in the world in which you live
and in the smallest corner of the heart where truth is kept.
I wish you faith to help define your living and your life.
More I cannot wish you except perhaps love to make all the rest worthwhile.


Simply Me

I cannot promise you a lifetime or even a day,
For my days and yours are bound to others through a life time commitment.
What I can offer is simply
For whatever amount of time we can steal.
I offer you laughter for laughter is beauty.
I offer you honesty as honesty is pure.
I offer you patience as patience is needed to gain trust.
I offer sincerity for through my sincerity I will show you my inner being and desires...
All I ask in return is for you to be honest and open
for through your honesty and openness I will receive from you all that I offer.


my love

*sense of her presence makes me statue
*sight of her makes me senseless


Some time ago there's a Blue Moon

the blue moon rise in the darkest night
I have met my shinning armour knight
I know from the start that he is right
because his smiles so bright

alyn 110403

A Good Boyfriend is like a Computer...

I "ENTER" your life...
"SAVE" you in my heart...
"SCAN & FORMAT" your problems...
"COPY & PASTE" your kindness...
Never "DELETE" you from my memories...


I love you beyond

I love you beyond everything you give me
beyond the stars that I can’t see.
I love you beyond the love that is left
to give beyond trust that we have lived.
I love you beyond the highs of the sky beyond the lies
beyond everything that goes by.
I love you beyond I love you for you
and that's why I love you


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