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Together We Can

Together we can,
Together we will.
Thought love can be hard,
A kiss I will seal.

Together we can,
No matter what may be,
The good and the bad,
We will always oversee.

Together we can,
While were a team,
Our future awaits us,
So let's go and gleam.

Sydney and Kacy

Our Life Together

When I first saw your face,
I knew I was in love.
Then I felt your embrace,
and flew like the white dove.

When you whispered in my ear,
"I love you so much"
I held you so near,
that I'll never forget your touch.

When you and me became we,
the happiness shined so bright.
People thought "How can this be?"
but we both knew it was right.

We share a life of happiness and gold,
that no one else can see.
Our love for each other so vibrant and bold,
in each others arms is where we'll always be.

Amy Lou Messinger


You are the one I need.
I am your flower, you are my seed.
Without my baby boy I have no reason to live
my heart to you I give.
I dream of our wedding day and wish it would come true
so I can walk up the isle and say I LOVE YOU!!!!!


Richy Kolonatafi represent

You're Mine

Writing with a pen.
Sealed with a kiss.
I love the guy who is reading this...
your eyes are like diamonds,
your lips are like wine,
I love you baby, now that you're mine.


Our Love

Our love can be felt
with the slightest touch of my hand.
Our love speaks for itself,
with every kiss.
Our love will last hours,
and even years.
Just the thought of this brings me tears.
Our love is the greatest.
This much I know.
And our affection lets it show.
Our love can be seen with one look in your eyes.
That's how I know our love
will stand the test of time.


What You Said

When I said "I Love You",
you was startled and turned blue.

Then after our talk,
I understood you from your heart.

You didn't respond, but now I know
when you say those three words.

You are being the real you,
not just a fool like the rest.

Because you know I am different,
special and very blessed not to have someone like the rest.



I want it but I can’t have it
maybe I’ll write you a letter
maybe that's better
but if you say never
my heart will break forever

michelle burton


If you have the spirit to dream,
have the courage to make it come true!


Before We Met

I didn’t know what trust was, before we met.
I didn’t know I could feel like this, before we met.
I find myself missing the times we never had before we met.
I don t know how I ever lived without knowing you.
And I’m happy I do. I’m happy I have you.


Love Eternity

My love eternity
Will last forever
Even when we are gone
I'll love you no matter what
But...Will you love me back
Don't tell that you don't
I don't want to loose you
You say you love me, don't be a fool
It doesn't matter if you don't love me
Forever, unfortunately
Our love is eternity


Picture Of Love

In the moment our eyes meet,
Blinded by a love so true.
A passionate kiss that holds,
A lifetime flame forever new.

An intimate time in the stars,
Nothing can break our spell.
Soul mates know our meaning,
Though others will never tell.

To hold here next to my heart,
A special picture of you and I.
Everyday together as perfect,
Until we have our place in the sky.


Three gifts I give to you

I hold out my hands to you
One hand slowly unfolds
Revealing to you the key of my heart.
My other hand hold the password to my soul.
These two gifts I place in your hand
Along with the third gift.
The one that bounds the other two together
This gift is my trust.
These three gifts I give to you
My heart, my soul and my trust.
As I place my hand over the top of yours
Listen as I say "I love you".
I turn and walk away
Now you hold all that I am in your hand
The choice is yours..

Jennifer Johnson


I love you more and more each day
I love you more then words could say
I wish you loved me, but I know you don’t
I wish I could make you, but I know you won't
But I’ll continue to love you everyday
Because these feelings just won’t go away.


Why I Love You

I don’t know how you do it,
But you do it every day
You make me love you more and more,
With every passing day.
It’s not the way you hold me,
Or listen when I talk.
It’s not the way you look at me,
Or hold my hand when we walk.
It’s not the way you make love to me,
Or kiss me the way you do.
It’s everything you do for me
I love you ‘cause you're you.


Life and Love

Life is here forever and a day.
It may leave a burden or debt for one to pay.
Lost without love nowhere to be found.
I find myself searching for a soul mate all around.
Once found, no longer lost.
Life has already taken a large cost.
No matter what you will forever be in my heart.
If our love stands to be true not even life can tear us apart.


I Offer You My Heart

After wading through the quagmire
of human inconsistence
Pushing past the envelope
That threatened my existence
Turning down the volume
Of my surrealistic fears
Learning how to listen with
My heart instead of ears...
I'm now above the stormy clouds
Safe from the rain and hail
Of tearful memories and scars
That only love can heal
Now smiles and laughter's shining
Through my every word and thought
I'm free to be somebody's love
I offer you my heart!

Copyright 2003 by Rebecca Ives

Rebecca Ives

what is love?

What is love? Love appears and
disappears without a trace
talking with a sad face.
It makes a task without no one to ask.
It comes from heaven down to earth,
And lives without a trace...


Now And Forever

In my life now and forever
I look into your eyes and I see your soul, I see the world,
So bright and yet so dark,
Full of old loves, pain and fear
I look deeper and closer
I see a glowing light, like a ray of sunlight
flowing through the dark clouds.
A bright white light with no darkness
A new light, a new love
A new future without fear, pain or anger
Just love, Kindness and comfort
I blink for a second and you’re gone
In front of me is a mirror, I see myself
We are the same; we are one
We are meant to be together, now and forever.

Jamie Farrell

Echoes Of Love

Like sand in a wind storm
One long moved on
Forgotten, forgotten
Lost in sweet memories
Secret treasured inside deep,
Moved on, forgotten,
Hello, I miss you...

Helen Harris

I’ll wait you forever

one day you decided to get out of my life
one day you thought I’ll be better without you
one day you left me
this day was the day of our wedding
I loved you
I love you
and I’ll love you
and remember I will always wait for you!


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