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Letter Of Love

I think now we must change our relation,
‘Cause I feel something new in my heart for you,
You know what! what is that in my heart?
Oh.. something that I can't explain,
Something beautiful like my dream,
Oh.. I can't hide it forever,
‘Cause you're the one that I love,
And now my heart just for you,
Please receive me as you're couple, my dear..

Nina Safitri

Wishing on a star

I gaze up at the sky each night
and find the brightest star.
It's always waiting there for me
so close, but yet so far.
The star winks in the evening sky
and reaches out to me.
It magically appears each night
for all the world to see.
I've closed my eyes and made my wish
of hopes, and plans, and dreams.
And then, one day I got my wish
for I finally met you.
So now whenever we're apart
I find that same bright star.
It makes me feel so close to you
no matter where you are.

(this is dedicated to the one that I love name Johnny)


Isn’t it strange

Isn’t it strange that the words “I love you”
takes up such a small space on paper
but such a big place in my heart?

jim traufler

This Will Have To Do For Now

Eyes as deep as space,
Hair as fine spun silk.
Maturity, wisdom, and humor,
Far beyond your years.
But no matter how I tell you,
You will not believe.
Proof lies in a kiss.
A kiss I cannot give.
This will have to do for now...


funny love

this is funny love and it feels like a game
it does not matter what you say, you will always stay the same
this is funny love, baby, and why can't you see
every time I sit in a class all I think about
is you and me
it’s not that I am shy
its just I don't understand why
this funny love is driving me crazy
it feels like I’m about to die


My days without you

My days without you,
are long and grim.
I never do anything unless it's on a whim.

My days without you,
are cold and bleak.
There are days I cry, and days I shriek.

My days without you,
are coming close to an end.
I can't wait to you once again.
I love you…


Infused Love

I felt that love wouldn't come my way.
Until I saw you that faithful day.
It took so long for you to come here.
So when you're far I felt that you're near.
But when the day came that you had to move away.
My feelings changed from night to day.
I wish you could stay with me and love me everyday,
but I guess love wouldn't let you stay

Charlotte Sarpong

Loving you

loving someone's hard
when you don’t know how they feel,
then they go and break your heart
and your heart doesn’t want to heal.

if loving you was easy
I probably wouldn’t love you at all,
but you know when someone loves you
because they catch you when you fall.

its funny how when I fell
I fell in love with you,
you never seemed to catch me
you just said you loved me too.

Amanda gaudoin

True feelings

There is a face I’d love to see
Eyes I'd love to drown deep into
Lips I'd love to kiss


Crazy in Love

Darren Harrison… my long lost love,
It’s always been a dream to have you all to myself,
If you ever read this come back home.
Stop doing all these crazy things
because I’m crazy in love.
when we first met you was not like this.
I did nothing but love and care for you.
so if you love me like I love you come home.


What you are

To see you I would walk a mile
You just make me smile
You’re the wings to make me fly
You lift me towards the sky
You make me happy when I'm down
You pick me up off the ground
You’re the sunshine that shines so bright
You just make me want to write
You’re my true love
You’re as white as a dove

Crystalin Cannon

I Like You But...

I like you but... I don't have the courage to tell you.
I've been waiting forever, but I just can't say it to your face.
I think that you like me back and I felt that you were the guy,
but I think that both you and me are just too shy.
So I’ll wait until you say that you like me first....
and in the end I’ll promise to tell you I like you back.

CraZzY jESs

Finding Love again

I thought I never find it again, true love that I had once before,
You came into my life, more special then before,
I was full of heart break.
You helped me live again.
You are my special soul mate that I have dedicated my life to.
Because of you I know that I can love again.

Jeneane Cuellar

picnic under the stars

I dream of that one true night, the night you brought me to the park
in your basket was full of treats I couldn’t quite bring myself to speak.
we laid there all night gazing at the stars
so I wished a wish I wished for you,
I wished upon a star and my dreams came true.
I really do love you, that’s why I’ll never forget the picnic under the stars


My Everything

Your are my everything, my life, my love,
You are more gorgeous than a flying white dove.

My love for you is so very strong,
Just like the melody to the most beautiful song.

Words cannot describe, how much I love you so,
that of which you will probably never know.

In this mixed up world, you're my reason for going on,
Without you here, I may be gone.

You are my everything. You give me something to look forward to,
There's not much more to say except I love you!


Growing old with you...

There's nothing I would rather do,
than to grow old in love with you,
the fun that being with you brings,
our memories made of little things,
the talks we have, the jokes we share,
the hugs, the kisses here and there...
what better reason could there be,
to ask you to grow old in love with me.


True love

Love is a feeling that you get deep inside
and when I first saw you I almost cried,
when I saw you in the hall I ran to hide
and when you called me on the phone I almost died.
One day you gave me a rose as white as a dove,
and from then I knew it was LOVE.


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