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Love Power

Love can be around you and me.Love is kind of power to let me live once again... no matter how hard was the rock be, it can be beat by love energy. No matter how far was the journey, the power can bring you to me. because you such a beautiful and the perfect one for me...


Being in love

I feel warm and safe besides you.
That's how I know were true.
Not enough words to describe
The love I hold inside.
I think to myself and say:
“I hope you’re here to stay,
‘Cause you’re the one who is there
Whenever I need some care”.


Only If He Knew

If only he knew the way I feel,
I would be able to heel, to heel
my wounded heart.
My one and only love, if you only knew,
knew what I knew when I saw you…
When I saw you for the first, I thought you’re the one,
the one I love the most…
I thought wow so sweet, so kind, so me...
So what if you knew,
knew the way I honestly
and truly feel...


I love you

I love you in the morning,
I love you at night
I love you when you're wrong
as much as when you’re right.
I love you when you’re up,
I love you when you’re down.
I love you when you smile
and I feel bad when you frown.
I love all the ways
you show me that you care.
I love the safe warm feeling,
knowing that you’re there.
I love you no matter
what you say or do.
And that’s why
all you ever hear out of me,
is that I love you…


I Gave you my word

I gave you my wîrd
On this fine day.
I gave you my word
On this coming day.
I gave you my word
On this beautiful day.
What am I going to say?
I love you on this
Christmas Day!



I feel
With you here, I feel no pain
When you hold me near, I feel so saint
Without you here, I feel plain
So when your here, hold me near



My sister Daphne is always there for me
like I am for her in her time of need.
We do everything together
like swim, play and jog, and it is pretty fun when we run.
What would I do without my sister on my side?
I would have to cry, because I would be empty inside.
I love my sister more and more
each day that we are not together,
and wish that she was here to send time with me.

(This poem was to my sister Daphne she died when I was just 9 years. I am now 16 and it seems that I see her all the time. If I could say three things to her it would: I Love you!)


Love So True...

The only reason I wanted to live
Was to see your face and the joy you’d give
So proud and happy all of the time
You never would commit a crime
But then one day you up and went
Now my emotions are completely bent
I miss you now and am in pain
Just like the desert misses the rain
And just like the desert, my heart is dry
It’s so bad now I can’t even cry
I think of you all night and day
Our hearts connected in a special way
Our love was special and that is true
That’s why I can’t let go of you.

Amanda Lee

When I die

When I die I'll go up there
I’ll wait for you on the golden stair
If you’re not there by judgment day
I know you've gone the other way,
I'll give the angles back my wings
golden harps and other things
just to show what love can do
I'll go down hell to be with you.


I love you

I may be innocent to know what love is, I may not show it to you but i felt that you knew. i may not love you the way it should be but im always willing to love you the way i understand it.

Cathy Munar

If Only

If only i was one of your tears, i would start in your eyes, live on your lips and die on your cheeks, and if you was one of mine, i wouldnt cry for the fear of losing you.

A. Chudinov

When I’m With You

When I’m with you,
I feel that nothing in the world can tear us apart,
I feel that when I’m with you,
you just melt my heart,
when I’m with you
I feel that I will love you forever,
when I’m with you
I will hate you never.


Your love

A thousand miles could come between us
but I would still feel your love.
I would feel the warmth of your breath on my neck
and the safeness of your arms.
Your love would scale the highest reaches and float down from above.
The rivers would bring to me the calmness in your eyes.
The stars would shower me with the sparkle of your smile.
The rain would drench me with the tears we cried.
The wind would carry your scent back to me.
And I would always be here to give back all that I received.

Christina Marcum


L is for lovely
O is for obsession
V is for violet
E is for elegant


...But it happens...

You don't know when,
You don't know how,
But it happens.
Things have changed,
Things are different,
But it happens.
You were happy,
You were sad,
But it happens.
Then you forgive,
Then you forget,
But it happens.
This is love,
And this is what happens.



Days seem endless when you're not beside me.
Nights are lonely and, oh, so empty.
Only with you I know I will be fine.
Moments with you are frozen in time.
I love you so much ...(",)

Dre Atkins


Love is a feeling that we all sense,
The bond between two people,
An emotion that is so intense.

Love is what you can feel,
Caring in someone's heart,
As if nothing else is real.

Love is the one thing we all want,
Wanting to feel wanted,
Something we want to flaunt.


Rainbow Of True Love

Take a moment,
Look at all the beauty
In His world God gives
Like birds chirping,
Merrily going tree to tree
The night waves of the lakes
A drive along Texas beautiful
Like a picture road side,
And God given gift to us
To feel love for that special person
Like a gold rain storm
Brightly golden the roads ahead,
Reaching the many rainbows
Of love true colors...
The rainbow of love is...Eternity.

Helen Harris

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