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LavaLife is an online community for singles seeking Dating, Relationships and Intimate Encounters. : Where Singles Click
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More specifically, Lavalife offers singles anytime, anywhere connections that make single life a positive, fulfilling and self-esteem building experience through relationship opportunities, social interaction and a like minded community of ideas and information.

Lavalife gives singles the chance to click effectively with many people in a safe and entertaining environment. We recognize the complexity of meeting others in our fast paced modern society and dedicate ourselves to providing solutions. Our customers have the control to choose when and how they want to click - for any kind of connection, whether it is friendship, dating or relationships.

Lavalife Quickfacts:

Over 5 million registered members.

3 distinct products: Lavalife (straight), Manline (gay) and Womanline (lesbian) accommodate all sexual preferences.

3 distinct communities: Dating, Relationship and Intimate Encounters allow members to manage their online experience and find what they're looking for.

Featuring public and private photo galleries, advanced search tools, instant messaging, email and video messaging!

Lavalife powerful custom search tools also help you to find "who" you have in mind, whether they like nearby or into the same things as you.

Once you find someone you like, choose how to get to know them better by email (while at Lavalife, write an email to someone and it will be sent to their Lavalife mailbox on the site.) or instant messaging (send instant messages to members who are on the site at the same time as you are).

Or, explore a whole new way to click with people at Lavalife through instant messaging with video (send and receive videos while instant messaging with members who are on the site at the same time as you are).

You can always send them a free Lavalife smile (sending a smile lets another member know you're interested in them).

Use credits to make contact with other members by email or instant message. Receiving, reading and replying to messages is free. Credits let you pay-as-you-go to start conversations with who you like, when you want at Lavalife by email, or instant messaging. And it is always free to reply.

A few other great things about Lavalife credits:
- Credits mean no subscription and no surprises.
- You can contact who you like for about the price of a cup of coffee.

As a guest, check out some search options, view member profiles and photos, or browse throught the Member Slideshow to see if someone catches your eye. And if you do like what you see, start meeting people right now by posting your very own profile!

As a member, you can:
- Create your profile in any Lavalife's communities.
- Post your pictures & create your backstage photo gallery.
- Use all of Lavalife powerful custom search tools.
- Access Lavalife advanced video communication features.
- Create a hotlist of people you'd like to get to know.
- Send a smile to someone you like
- Receive and reply to messages.

It is only a few quick steps to sign up and's free!

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