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Second Chance

-with the man with the strawberry lies
-as I stare at those bottomless eyes
-to recapture his loving embrace
cause he's throwing fists of disgrace

I love him, I love him why can't he see?
Why cant he love, or just let me be?

Olivia Lee

Love is Everywhere

Love is in the air,
Love is everywhere,
If you were smart,
You'd say it's in your heart,
Love is in your eyes,
Of a great disguise,
But, when you think you've found the one,
You're probably not done,
Love is all about pain,
And, if you ask me it drives all insane.

Tina Carter

Tortuous Love

A single tear runs down my cheek slowly running red.
A river of pain yet remains leaving my hopes for dead.
Though still I stand,
the blood stains my hands.
And slaughtered pride falsely resides within my battered mind.
You blind me and confine me,
from my fading life.
I hate you, as I dream of you, I die a tortured death.
I'll hate you, for I love you, until I draw my final breath.

Marissa Fuller

Just A Look

Look of worry,
blinds me with tears.
After I held your hand through all these years.
Smiles of joy,
blinds me with sadness.
As that girl surrounds you with caress.
Look of a memory,
lost along the way,
So what else is there to say?
Look of you,
would make me so happy,
What ever happened to you and me?


The One

Don't settle for the one that you can live with,
instead find the person that you cannot live without.

Rachel Jensen


so many memories,so many time
as you can see, i can't stop thinking about you
you make me smile,you make me happy,
but the day you hurt me,i thought I was dreaming,
but when i realize it was true ,
i couldn't stop thinking about you

but today all the memories are gone
i've finally got over you,but the only thing i miss
was your smiles,thats the only last memories i have of you

but i realy want still have a relationship,
a relationship that we can be friends
so i can see you smile again ,
and the memories will so long come back again



I go crazy for your love
Why did he take you up above
You were the blood that ran through my vains
And the sun who awoke me everyday
All I do is dreaming of you
My days are full of sadness
There’s nothing I can do
Now that you’re gone
All I do is cry
Wondering why it was you that had to die

Jennie Lee

love is about

Love is just about trust and sincerity,
No matter how pretty or ugly you are,
The beauty within is the most precious
and must be sincere and loyal to be discovered

kannan vijayan


Love is like your shadow, stop trying to chase after it,
because it'll run away from you.
Learn hard to walk away from it
than it'll come after you.

Paul Nguyen


I sit here and wish for you.
I close my eyes so I can see your face.
Remembering the last time we were together is tearing me apart.
I hope you felt what I felt
when I kissed your lips and whispered: I Love you.
All you had to do was say the word and I would have moved
heaven and earth to stay by your side.
You never did.


Carrie H


Angels in heaven,
Angels above,
Protect the one I love.
For she is in your hands now,
Protect her from evil and hate,
Love her as I have,
Love her always as I will.


As You Sleep -Forever_

I miss you so much as you sleep-forever.
It seems like you've never been here.
The years have passed so slowly
Father’s day is here again
Again we celebrate without you
Everyone knows fathr’s day is a sad one for me.
I try to be strong for my own family,
Strong for my husband, my children's father.
It's been twenty -three years
since you went to sleep -forever.

Edna Boyd

He Was My Life

He was Dawn
Sunrise was his heart
His love was morning, the beginning

He was Noon
Midday was his radiant face
His embrace was the pinnacle of my day, all days

He was Dusk
Sunset was his serenade
His bittersweet kiss was twilight, the ending

Now he is Night
Midnight was his soft goodbye
The pale moon reaches its zenith, in the nothing of my heart.



Love is the joy of the God,
The wonder of the wise,
The amazement of theGod

Sreyasi Chanda

Shinning Star

You are a like a shinning star waiting to be seen closer
I click you into my dreams like magic
You are the one that open my heart and fill it with love
The love for you will be inside me forever
My heart will always be open for you only
All I hold now is memories from the past
The world seen fill with tears and sorrow
My heart skips a beat cause you are far away
I can't wait to meet you up in heaven
Cause you are like a shinning star waiting to be seen closer

Kevin Maraj

Wishing I was Dead

I don't think you knew
All the thoughts of you in my head
All the things I would do for you
Killing me slowly....
Wishing I was Dead

It's like a drug
Taken before bed
Crying, looking above
Killing me slowly....
Wishing I was dead


Tears From the Sky

When the Rain falls
my thoughts of you come to view
the rain reminds me of my tear drops
like heaven's crying too
I miss the tender words you say
that made my heart ring
and took my breath away
I feel your passion and love
that helps me pull through
I know we'll be together again one day
I can feel it in my heart



If I’m not thirsty so why do I have to drink water?
If there is no love in my life so why do I have to stay alive?

waqas mehdi

It dies like that

It's night or day?
That's moon or sun?
Well, anyway,
I have to run.
I see the tears.
Don't cry, my eyes.
I feel my fears,
I feel them rise.
I have to go,
I know it now.
Let's end this show,
Just tell me, how?..
Relax, forget,
Love's just a bird,
She dies like that,
Without a word.

Minako Aino

Within Me

My broken heart cries as I wish you were still near,
all my wishes and dreams replaced with fear.
Fear that I’ll never get you back,
trying to substitute the feelings we both lack.
I know in my heart, it's all true
and that's why I am left here truly blue.
Blue because I know the love I felt
and got in return is gone forever.. forever to burn.
Although we have both moved on, I still feel the pain,
the pain that will always remain...within me.


one day

one day
one day will you come back to me
one day will you say
"I'm sorry, be with me again"
just one day
one day tell me "I love you”
just one day
one day in the near futuare come back to me
and when that one day comes
we can reduce the past exactly
reduce the whole past exactly
one day, please,
just one day


please tell me you feel the same

I Softly whisper,"I love you” in your ear,
and you say it back but I don't know
how you really feel deep in your heart.

I hope that you’re telling the truth when you say that you love me.
Please tell me you feel the same?

Everyday when I come home I'm very anxious to see your face.
Before I go to bed at night I hope to see your face or feel your touch. Please tell me you feel the same.

It would be very hard to live me life with out you in it.
I can't imagine living my life that way with you not in it
If you left me right now there would be am empty place in my heart
where you face would be.
Please tell me you feel the same?


Love Lost

Words left unspoken, lost somewhere in time
Visions of yesterday remain in my mind
Silently I cry, for my thoughts I must hide
years gone by, feelings denied
Why must love end with such pain and sorrow
For the love that we shared was filled
with hope and dreams of tomorrow
How can we destroy the lives that we touch
and continue to say, that "I love you so much”
Could it be that with love
we create our "Hell"
breaking the hearts of those that we tell
For the love you are given, a price you must pay
you will be broken, your love thrown away

Brian Alley-Freeman

Winds Of The Past

You were my first love.
Never again will the wind
touch our faces,
or the rain soak our eyes
while we are together...
Just blindness,
and fallen autumn leaves
by the alley,
that is out of sight
for us both.
Tell me have you ever
passed the same path.
Have you ever felt
those winds of the past?
My love, please tell me
did you ever understand my

Silvana Krculic


Wonderful and wondrous you were and continue to be...
but smile and laughs we shared as one are now just memory...
at first I’d cry and think at night of who you'd meet and see...
and wish on stars and pray to GOD they couldn't replace me...
but now some time has come and gone and lots of things have changed...
I still feel like I love you girl, but now just not the same...
you've done some shady things towards me and chose to turn the blame...
but now I know the truest thing,
when you can't hate the "player", hate the game.

ray sun


High...high above the mountains
I lay down on the roof of my castle
Looking at the sky,
thinking it may console me
I found another way to find you...
From heart to heart

While I am counting the stars
Suddenly...the moon raises up
to remind me of you, once again

When I smell the jasmine, I know you are close
But where?
I don’t know where...I don’t know when
But some day... some where... I will find you

hosam ragig

five PM after noon

In the five am of the morning
I sat down... waiting the sunrise
When the sun reminded me of you

I looked for you
Swimming in the lakes ...Flying with clouds
From the north to the south
I searched for you

At the south pole...I asked the penguin about you
It never heard of you
At the north pole... I found no one to ask about you
and I froze there waiting for you

hosam ragig

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