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You held me in your arms like you loved me,
You looked me in the eyes like you cared,
You Kissed me like you wanted me,
You huged me like you missed me,
but that all went away with one kiss.

Stephanie Michel

Lost love

I loved u once then loved u twice
but u took my heart and stabbed it twice
u said u loved me u said u would care 4 me
but all u did was scare me
I will always remember u for what u did
4 i will never love again



My tears flow long and wide,i just crawl up in the corner and hide.I wish they could see the sadness coming from me .They take away the pleasure and give me pain,i wish the'd stop being so vain. As my tears flow.

Kimbery Summers

I Remember...

I remember yesterday,
when we said our last goodbye.
I remember yesterday,
when you told me not to cry.
I remember yesterday,
like it was today.
I remember yesterday,
and I dont know what to say.



when i first saw you i was in amazement
I looked into your eyes and new i had to have you
you helped me through the day
I saw through the clouds
you made the sun shine brightly
your forever in my heart
I never will forget you
you are just right


That one little sentance

That one little sentence you always say the one that made me cry to day. But i dont know if to try it again cos i dont know ir it will be the same so please stay calm please dont go mad cos that one little sentence will always make me glad


My Heart Is Full of Sadness

My heart is full of sadness because you re not near
Not a single word as though you have disappeared
Are you waiting for a call from me?
Try to understand I cannot do
For I'm the one who said we cannot be
Because I will lose me
I didn t ask for much from you
All I asked was to tell the world that I m yours

Yvonne Ramirez

In my heart

In my heart there is ahole,in my chest there lays a dead heart,in the air there flys a lost soul,up high in the skies aches are my dreams,comes down rain comes down tear drops,a flying bird a broken wing a lost soul,shiney as the sun burning is my body,falling leafs down gose my life....


Wonder Why

I sit and wonder what to do,
I can't believe I left you.

I scream at you the other night,
when all you wanted was to hold me tight.

I can't believe i'm hurting this bad,
this pain and regret is making me mad.

I love you boy even though it may not show,
but with each passion day my love will only grow.

I'm layin here thinking of the good times we shared,
I want you to know i've always cared.

I love you whether it's right or wrong either way my heart will sure go on

Tiffany and Aisha


With your smile you make me weak,
But your actions make me weep.

My heart is empty, My heart is sore.
Do you think you can hurt me anymore?

Amber Ramos

sharon!! where are you?!?!

A tree with life is now dead...
my heart with love is now lost...
the warm sunrise turns to a cold, dark alley...
what am i to do without you??
can you look me in the eye and smile??
but if you're happy,
I'm happy....



You looked at me but I didn't see
You called my name but I wasn't there
You tried again but I didn't respond
You offered all you had, but I did not accept

Then again your love was true
Unconditional and pure, but I did not see it
Unshaken in your love you carried on waiting
Patiently, I was unaware of your state

Your love was brusied and you were alone
You called out to me, and I numbly didn't see
Selfish thoughts ran across my mind
You slowly pulled away and signs were ignored

Time passes by before I realize your gone
Sweet love replaced by emptiness abound
My foolish heart awakes from it's slumber
Pained with the reality of losing you

Jeff Harpster

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