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What to Do?

What to say to make you look my way?
What to do so you can see through?
When to say that I care for you in a "different" way?
When to say that I wont be okay, because you don't care for me in that same "different" way?

Now I don't know how to speak,what to do , or how to be around you.
How should I talk or smile?
I really want to make your time with me worthwhile.
But all these questions go to you, I'm hoping you know what I should do.

Tasha Ensley

Good-bye my Angel Dear

My days draw long and weary,
when your no longer there.
confidence is filled with questions,
strenth replaced by fear.

The assurdeness that I awake with each day,
is no longer to be found.
As though my dreams and aspirations,
were buried under groung.

I hear your voice being carried by the wind,
like your fingers through my hair.
I close my eyes and remember your kiss,
and wish that you were there.

So with nothing left but one thing to say,
to resolve my heart break hear.
Good-bye my darling and my love,
Good-bye my angel dear...


I need you

I've got you in my heart,
I've got you in my mind,
I've got you in my sight,
But i need you in my life.

Colt Allen


Love is a beautiful feeling,
For it has a heart of healing.
It always blooms in places so rare,
I hardly find it, but i know its somewhere.
In search for love, i weeped and sighed,
I found oe heart, but so unkind.
A heart i thought, would bring me life,
After so much struggle, I thought ill survive,
But once again, i have to lose,
A heart i loved, my heart to bruise.


I Want Him...

My Man Is Overthere
That s No Fair
Cause I m Overhere
With A Little Tier

I Want Him Back
I Want Him Here
Cause I Love The Way
That He Makes Me Feel

Diana Sandoval

Before I met you

I saw you before i met you,
i kissed you before i knew you,
i loved you before i knew the real you,
someone once said we are never given the power to dream with out also being given the power to make them come true,
in a blink of an eye,
my dreams became reality,
but what i didnt see was that you hurt me.


That Girl

I want her back so much, it is clear,
what once was now my fear


Saying Goodbye

Talking to you just the other day-forever it seemed since I've heard your voice;
Yearning to say what was in my heart-never given another choice.
Wishing you the best with the new love you've found-time to find my own way,
Forgiving and accepting the troubles we've shared-still loving you everyday.
Never a single moment-you could say I wasn't there,
Giving it my all-Knowing all along you didn't care.
Saying Goodbye-I said i would never do,
But in a thing such as Love-It takes two!

Penny Nettles

The way I feel about you Sarah

When I hear you voice
You make me tremble
My hands start to shake
Its more than I can take
Everyday I look into your eyes
Even though you think im all lies
I find you irresistible
As so many others do
Every second of the week
My mind is always on your beautiful physique
At the end of every day
I can not help but wonder what to say
I wish you would just understand
that I don t just want to play
I think about you all the time
I hate to hear you wine
I consider you more than a friend
Until the very end
Your voice, your smile
It makes being around you worth while
I can see the real you
That no one else can see
You are so beautiful
I cant help but say
The only problem with you is
I wish that you were mine


For Love

In a dark place where I dwell,
I met a guy I loved so well,
He took my heart away,
From me and set it free,
I ran home and cried,
In bed not one word to my,
Mother I said. my father,
Came home later that night,and looked for me from left to right,
He found me hanging,
From a rope and on my table,
He found a note it said:
Dig me grave, dig it deep of,
Marble stone from head,
To feet and on it put a dove,
To show the world I died for love!



I'm sure you will find it all
Remarkably easy
Your next time around.

I have a knack
Of making the simple
Analyzing things
Right out of existence;
Ending them before they begin.

If I'd given us a chance,
Kicked back a little,
Not held us up to
Relentless scrutiny
And arbitrary tests;
We might have survived.

Under such radical dissection
A speciman can only stay
In one piece
For so long

Melanie Almy

Love is all

I never knew that love could take over my life like this.
But could this be all a lie, or we both just grew apart from each other. But i will always ask what went wrong.
Now i spend all my time with any body that make me feel the way you do. It's not enough to say I 've loved and lost you.
But I will always be scared to say good bye to you I will try not to let you go, and thats the day i will always remember, from the one I love. But now i could say love is all for me.

Is this the end?

is this the end of us,
is this the end of all the fuss?

is it the end of all this pain,
is it the end of you being so vain?

is this the end of me cryib over you,
is this the end of you doing whatever you wann do?

is this the end of me tryin to work things out,
is this the end of you being out and about?

is this the end of all you lies you have told me,Is this the end of me being blind and not see?
well whatever cuz it is the end of you and me.

rikki ruiz

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