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Do you Remember?

Do you remember the endless nights,
The endless nights spent talking,
Talking about the past,
Talking about the future,
So badly we wanted our dreams,
Our dreams to come to life,
How we didn't want to lose,
Lose each other,
Whom my worst nightmare came true,
When I lost you,
I was lost, lost forever,
In an endless sea of shadows,
That now shall forever hide my soul,
My soul from the world.

Rachel Dorey

What happened

what happened
where did it go
why did we do the things we did
we will never know

why so much pain
why so much hurt
why so much love

what happened
where did it go
why did we do the things we did
we will never know


Now you know

There's something I’ve longed for my whole life
and that's to have someone hold me tight
and tell me everything will be alright.
I thought I had that, but I was wrong: it turned out to be a joke.
He thinks it's so funny just wait till the cold hands grab his throat
and he starts to choke.
It’s not funny to mess with emotions
would you like your body burnt to ash and thrown in the ocean?
Playing with my emotions is killing me not physically, but mentally.
So the next time you ask me why I’m crying
remember you played with my heart and feelings and now I’m dieing

nicole nicholson


To live, To die.
To breath, to Cry.
All because I kissed the world goodbye.

I lost the love I use to feel. Now it just one big empty hole.
I don't understand how this could all just happen.
But the ones I use to love are no more…
I give and give and yet I still get nothing in return.
So as I was saying...

To live, to die
To breath, to cry
And it’s all because I kissed you goodbye.


For Rachel

if love was blind then I would not see
without your love I can not be
you are the one my heart cries for
my soul weeps for
my body yearns for
as I sit here now with you on my mind,
I want to be with you
when I am close to you I feel a warmth inside
the happiness and joy that you bring with every smile
seeming an eternity without you
I feel so lost and confused
I don’t know what to do,
but I know that I love you



Every time I close my eyes
I think of you and all your lies.
You played me from the very start,
took advantage and broke my heart.
You never meant a word you said
you just messed around with my head,
you hurt me in the strongest way
and in my heart this pain will stay,
at first I thought it was meant to be,
but all it is, is misery!!!!


love hurts

I know it hurts when you hear a song that reminds you of him.
Especially when you know he is never coming back.
So I let a tear come down my cheek
for you and if I die while I cry
I will make sure my tears will crystallize
so you can see what I did for you
cause I truly love you.


Over Time

I love you more than anything.
As time slips away, the memories remain.
Loving you goes on, even though you’re gone.
Time will erase only the bad,
leaving the good behind.
Though it causes pain being strong is what must be.
You are gone for a reason, I just cannot find.
Returning will only hurt us both,
in the end we'll be fine.


In The Rain

In the rain I stood taking my last few breaths,
just standing their thinking about the last words you said
now my mind has gone half crazy for you.
We used to laugh and hug, but now you gone mad
In the rain I stood with flashbacks of you & me having fun.
So in the rain I stood wondering
if you are ever got to come back to me.


Sore Heart

Because of you my heart is sore
The love you had, you have no more
You said you love me, but you don't
You said you'd change, but you won't
Why do I love someone like this?
Why is it you that I miss?
I don't want to love you anymore
Because of you my heart is sore.


Get Over You

I don't know why I try
I like you
And all you do is play those games
The ones where you always win
And each time
They get more and more heartbreaking
You like her one day
And me the next,
But I'm not playing them anymore
I'm going to do something for myself for once
Try and get over you...
And this time I will win our "game"


Lost your love

I love you so dearly
I never want to let you go,
but you have to get married
I don’t want to lose your love,
but I have to let it go
I will cry for you till the end of time
I guess that’s the way it has to be
I can't believe I had to lose your love



one things for sure there is all kind's of love.
there is a love of a brother, a sister, a mother, a father,
there is a love of friend's and there is a love of partner’s.
there are many kind's of love,
but there is no deeper love & stronger love,
than the love only a mother can give.
truly love's deep and strong through the heart and soul of a mother,
may god bless all the mothers in the world today,
this is to my mother, Alice, rest in peace I miss you.

tina m. callahan

The Love of My Life

It was like the world was over,
As you lay in the hospital bed,
Waiting to be dead,
I wished you could stay,
I visited you every day,
I left flowers next to your side,
And wished the doctors had lied,
I will remember that day always,
As you slowly slipped away from me,
I would give up anything for you, even the sea,
I felt your hands turn cold,
And I felt as if my heart had been sold,
I cried at the funeral and with my friends,
Wherever I went without you it was like a bunch of dead ends.

I can never find someone like you,
The love of my life.


death can't separate love

I don't want to say goodbye for a lifetime,
but baby that's the fate
I just want to let you know
that I will not be able to forget
the beauty that you gave me
oh my heart is full of tenderness

this summer has never been so short
that this one with you my love
I just hate the fact you leaving me
so I refuse this world's beauty
and I come with you there
where there is no more separate
and our love never ends
forever and ever it lasts
oh I know that's a painful ending,
but is better than an endless pain

ona dhima

The Little Lie

everything daddy says is a lie,
everything he does makes mommy cry,
she asks him why,
he lets out a long sigh,
she says she just wants to die,
he doesn’t care he says fine bye,
all this because of that one little lie.


My Heart

looking into the sky at night,
I look at this one star
it reminds me of how close yet
far apart we are.


Not What You Need

Is it easy to forgive
The one who hurt you most
Could you be his friend
Could you really be close

He wanted you to be perfect
Here and there
And you changed yourself
Cloths, face, and hair

Trust is something you really need
Something that won’t and can't be seen

So if this guy is like what I’ve said
Then you go your way and let him go his

I'm going to say it again, he’s not what you need
So you sit back and let him watch you succeed

Tina Webber

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