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I thought I fell in love once, but how I quickly came to see.
True Love is overrated, not meant for one like me.
I left myself open, entrenched and blinded by love's design.
Engulfed by its passion, utterly lost in space in time.
Knowing the end was inevitable, still I made this dubious choice.
And felt a pain immeasurable, when I listened to my heart's voice.
What is love but a feeling, a word often used in jest.
An ephemeral emotion, not worth the time to develop and invest.
A captivating story, ending only where it starts.
An all-too predictable cycle, this game of broken hearts.
Though yielding temporary happiness, it ends in bitter grief.
The absence of all hope and faith, of comfort and relief.



How can you make me feel this way
Some times I don’t even know what to say
You make me feel so lifeless
And you took it from me with that first kiss
I feel dead, maybe I'm confused
I feel lost, I feel abused
How could you do this to me
This is hurting, cant you see?
I used to think that your love was rare
But now I just don’t care,
Because you made me feel so lifeless
And you took it from me with that first kiss

Jennifer Dinwiddie

The Darkest Of Days

The withering pieces on the floor
Are fading memories of the one I adore
A vast ocean of guilt and misery
Longing for dreams that will never be
Hopeless and lost as I blindly stumble
Through every word you spoke, only a mumble
The seas no longer crest upon my shore
And my heart will know warmth nevermore
As cold as the day that you left me there
With broken dreams I could never share
My efforts were many and results so few
For the rest of my life I will dream of you
In the end I will pause at Heaven's gate
And ask the angels why I deserved this fate
As I walk across the clouds you'll know my pain
On the darkest of days some will think it is rain

James M.

lost without you..

Ready to have some kids,
waiting for our life to live...
I’ve been your baby girl for so long,
now my days are slow and they go, oh, so wrong.
I used to have you, I used to hold you...
From the way you would hold me,
to the sweet things you told me,
i just can't find a way to let go of you.

nikki buaphan


precious memories gone astray,
no more thoughts of yesterday
secret treasures of the past
no more tears we didn’t last
truth be told we once were true
my happiness is gone and so are you
no more chances they are all lost
smiles have failed we paid the cost
precious memories gone astray,
no more thoughts of yesterday


Forget Me Not

But never forget.
And never regret.
The one,
Is the one,
you will never forget,
And will make you never,
Want to regret.



I once fell in love with love,
I got crazy and saw a dove,
he broke my heart,
and tore it apart,
it all depends on the guy above.


Simple love

The love is in my heart for you
It was found there, unconditional and true,
I flutter in the seventh heavens clouds
The lands of pink roses and sugar mounds,

The key to my heart has rested there,
Bursts of heat and sticky sweat love fill the air,
My lungs filled with the scent of love,
And you giving soul lifting me above.


Once more in a life time.

Once more in a life time,
one time with you,
nothing so good could ever come true,
all I want is one gentle kiss,
cause I love you and it's you that I miss.


Feared Reply

The things I'm afraid to say
Feared by the reply I may receive
I have no sense of direction
Please tell me where to go
Not by myself, only with you
If you could understand the
Thoughts I've thought,
and the things I'm afraid to say.
What would I do to be with you,
Anything, anything,
the one word I am afraid to say.



The end sadly came. You made me feel so special,
you even made me feel Unique.
Having you by my side made me feel so right.
Even though we choose to part I hope you’ll now,
You’ll always be in my heart, in my mind
You’ll be that special one, my first kiss
The one guy I’ll truly miss.
No one will make me forget,
the way you held me in your arms
is one I’ll never regret.
So now we say our “good-byes”
and I try so hard not to cry.



So don't call me,
Allowing me to sit around thinking its over,
Take the knife and pierce my wounded heart,
Making me suffer more then ever,
But still taking me out of this pain
called " love "…


From Yourself

You kept me close to you, always under your watch.
You said the world was cruel and unforgiving.
You did everything in your power to keep me safe.
You said I would only get hurt.

Meanwhile you were changing.

Now you're the one that's hurt me.
And you stand in the shadow
of the realization that in all truth,
You have become the world.
And you can't protect me from yourself.

Heather LeVasseur

No one to love

I’m lost in love,
no angels to guide in the heavens above,
no one to love,
no one to kiss,
no one to think of or even miss,
no one to hold,
no one to hug,
no one to protect if they get hurt or mugged,
I ask you now do you love
if you do protect him or her like there an angel
from the heavens above?


the way i feel

The way I feel for you I can not describe.
I just wish I didn't have to keep these feelings inside.
You mean the world to me, but you will never know:
the last thing I would ever do is to let my feelings show.
So then you broke my heart.
It's only right we stay apart.


I Thought You were My Angel

I thought you were my Angel
But Angels only fly
They don’t yell and walk away
I thought you were my Angel
Until that rainy day
When you told me it was over
There was nothing left to say
I thought you were my Angel
I gave you all my heart
How was I supposed to know
You would leave me torn apart
I thought you were my Angel
But Angels never lie
They don’t walk away
Leaving you asking "why"?

Marisa and Juliana


I never knew God could make someone like you
When you came into my life, my happiness grew
With your smile and beautiful eyes
There never was a sparkle in disguise
You were so spiritual anytime or place
Because you knew God was taking care of your case
Jamie you were an angel in disguise
I knew it every time I looked in your eyes
Jamie I miss you so much, but would never wish you back home
Because in heaven with God is where you belong

Crystal Tillman

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