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Paulina is my name
And if there is one that you should know
That is I’m the one you shouldn't betray
So next time you see me and want to say "hi"
Don't even bother cause I will say "bye"
It's for me to walk on my own...
And for you to stand alone!


Too much

love has hurt me in way too much
For the pain is more than I can bear
the more I think the more it hurts
I try not to remember
for the past is closer than I think
forgetting is not an option
I must live the rest of my life in agony
love is worth everything
But in the end you always remember
that one person who took your heart and broke it


I hope Its not too Late

I hope it's not too late to tell you now,
But I know that it's late,
And the chances of you feeling the same
Are really small.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner.
I'm sorry I was too blind..
Too scared to see how much you truly meant to me..
And still do..
There isn't a day I don't think of you
And not a night I don't pray..
For things to go back to the way they were before
For us to go back to the way we used to be
There isn't a star in the sky I haven't wished on
To make things right again..
To make you come back…
I hope it's not too late..


This Lonely Hell

As I wish upon the north star
Thousands of pictures pass through my mind
Laying in a soft bed you left behind
Our world so close yet so far
Memories of laughter and a deep pain
Slow tears every night I cry
My life you slowly drained
Remembering as the days slowly drift by
I can still feel your warm embrace
Praying every day you are happy and well
Everyday I slowly forget your face
God delivers me from this lonely hell
I pray for strength from God above
Only time will bring me my one true love

Elizabeth Gage

I am nothing

Without you, I am nothing.
I hate to say it, but it’s true.
I can't sleep, can't eat, can't bear the pain
I am nothing without you.

The pain is all consuming
Eaten up me night and day,
My heart is hurting constantly,
because the love won't die away.

How can I just get over you,
My love, my friend, my soul.
Without you I am nothing,
For it’s you who makes me whole.

I loved you then, I still do now,
and it’s a love I won't forget.
And even though it’s hurt me so,
It’s a love I can't regret.

Katy M

Shattered Dreams

People come and people go,
But ones for sure of what I know
Nothing stays
Nothing lasts
I wish my life could be a blast
To shed a tear
To laugh a laugh,
But that to me is one big fear.
There is no love, no happiness
I am I suppose to live like this
I can’t be me
Won’t be set free
All I need is thee, "o" thee!


Everyday Angel

Friendship takes me over
With her soft beautiful hands
She has a face of an angel
And huge hazel eyes that stare at me
She moves around me so quick
yet so graceful
Sometime I feel that her heavenly while light
Will blind me
I try to close my eyes
But she won't let me
She whispers softly telling me
"you won't get hurt this time."
I listen and she takes me into her grasp
As we go through our ups and downs
I feel as if I'm flying without wings.

Sarah Boyd

When you were behind to me

if the spring had one love
if the winter have disillusion
if the fall have one hope
the summer would had the true of love


It's too late

To the one who got away
Permanently clouding my days,
There's just one thing left to say,
To the one who I didn't know
If my feelings would ever grow,
There's just one thing left to show,
To the one who was always there,
But at times it seemed like I just didn't care,
There's just one thing left to share,
To that girl who taught me how to love
All things in life just because,
There's just one thing left to solve,
My heart and soul were always with you,
And though it's too late, I still want to say I loved you


Knife of the heart

I wish I could tell you how I feel,
My love for you is very real.
It will never bend,
It will never break,
You are my piece of fate.
Why do I cry over something so great???
That is something I can’t calculate.
If two never becomes one,
My heart will forever be done.
When you look me in the eyes,
It makes me want to cry.
Because I know you’re not mine yet,
Trust me; my heart isn’t letting me forget.
You are my sunshine,
I want you to be mine.


Sweet Memory

Walking alone
I see a shadow on the ground
My heart pounding
Turning, the shadows gone
As the winds blows
I hear your voice
Looking around
You are nowhere to be seen
Closing my eyes
I feel the heat of your touch
I feel your breath with the touch of your lips
I jump at the touch of your fingertips
I open my eyes and I cry
For you are gone
just a sweet memory

Elizabeth Gage

Her world

all the hours late at night
with no one around to hold her tight
needing someone there to help
when nothing but a pillow's felt
she lays in the dark where no one can see
all the marks her eyes leave with little keys
to unlock her heart and let in the love
to look as beautiful and peaceful as that morning dove
she closes her eyes and feels the cold
with no one, no one there to hold
she cries at night and wonders why
all the pain stays so deep inside
she needs someone there just to hear
of all the sadness, anger, and fear
for her to have and her to hold
forever and ever 'til her body runs cold



I hope she’s ok, I hope she’s all right,
the drugs in her life are just not right.
I’m praying to the Lord keep her safe
from all the dirty drugs and all the nasty faces.
She’s hearing voices that’s just not right,
they telling her to start a fight,
and get stoned every night.
Its given me a fright.
I just hope God opens up his light
before the evil hits her tonight.
Please, God, show her the way to the light,
see what drugs do to her life.

**samantha fennell

Love and hate

I thought we had forever
I guess I was wrong
now I'm sitting here
singing my sad song
you said that you loved me
I believed it was true
but what about my best friend
guess you loved her too
a best friend, a good lover
was all that I had
that's all that it took
to make a good thing go bad.


What is love

what is love? love is a feeling quite hard to describe,
a desirable pain locked away inside
even though the pain can torture our hearts
we strive to find this emotion so loneliness
doesn’t tear us apart



It all came very easy
when you decided to leave me
You called me to say “goodbye”
I said, "fine" but it was a lie

Since then, I acted to be strong
And proved you that leaving me is wrong
I learned to hide what I really feel
and tried to keep it unrevealed

I told my friends I was OK
"I will survive", that's what I’d say
My true feelings, you shouldn’t know
So I tried my best not to show

So now, tonight, here I am again
Can’t take anymore this obvious pretense
But tomorrow, I guess, I'll keep my lies
And wear my mask for my disguise...

jean cruz

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