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Timeless Love

Space embraces galaxies,
amid speckled white gold.
Onto darkness void splendor,
stars bending, then fold.
Comets hurl between novas,
portraying timeless dance.
A million years passing,
with each moment, a new chance.
Escape swift beyond light,
as Mercury streaks from above.
What good is time never ending,
if one second without love.

Michael Valencia

Love is all...

Love is all,
the laughter and the tears that fall...


When I Look Into Your Eyes

Today was a sad day
All I saw was hate in my eyes
Just for you to say a good-bye
I don't understand you
And everything you do
If love is blind
Then why do I see you
All you have to do is look into my eyes
There you will find all your lies

Lauren Fisher

The color of love

Black is the color of depression boiling deep into the night,
Red is the color of anger a blinding, flashing light,
Green is the color of jealousy of menace in the eyes,
Blue is the color of tears falling like rain from the sky,
Brown is the color of your hair, soft and warm to touch,
Blonde is the color of his hair,
the boy who hurt me so much,
Yellow is the color of the sun-shine
which I can no longer see
And all the color of the rain-bow
won't bring him back to me.

Carol Chambers

Without you

Close guarded secrets lie in my broken heart
secrets I’ll never share with you
as now we're worlds apart
The weeks, the months that we had shared are now all in the past,
They had disappeared all too soon
they passed us by so fast
I'll never love another one as much as loved you
I love you then
I love you now
and in the future too
You'll always be the one for me
my sweetest dear, my love
so some-time soon, we'll be
together again if it's willed by
God above.

Carol Chambers

I Wish

I wish things were like they used to be,
when I would say I love you and you would say I love you too.
I wish things were like they used to be,
me caring for you and you caring for me.
I wish things were like they used to be,
us planning marriage, planning a family, planning to be together forever.
But if I could only have one wish,
I would wish I wasn't the only one who feels this way.



The biggest miracle on earth
is the miracle of child-birth…
The father’s feeble, humble frog in the throat,
his whole life over his daughter gloats.
Her eyes shut, her body’s small
for his family he wants it all,
But instead of the bundle of fun
He's stuck away and armed with a gun.
He wants his home he wants more,
But first alone he must fight a war,
To be a soldier he'll do the best he can
To stay alive and become a family man…
He laid and dreams on the sands
and wonders if he'll ever see her,
His new tiny little daughter…

Carol Chambers

No more Tears Falling Ever Again

She thinks of her mom
the tears fall.
She thinks of her dad
the tears fall.
She thinks of her pets
the tears fall.
She thinks of her “ex”
the tears still fall.
She cries to the world.
Why don’t they hear?
The tears don’t fall.
She’s all alone;
No one there.
So why isn’t she scared?
The tears don’t fall,
because she went first.

Misti Manworing

Here but gone carry on

I was here, but now I’m gone
for I left my mark to carry on
those who know me, knew me well,
but for those who didn't can go to hell
for I left my mark to carry on..
for I was gone
but now I’m here
the mark I left to carry on in uncertain seas,
the darkness as my heart takes its final breath.
I love no more for I left my mark to carry on…

andrew pullen

How I feel

When I look at you I see light,
light shining above me, I feel like I’m in heaven,
but ever since you left,
I see darkness all around me.
I just want to say: please, come back,
you are my light so I can see, but I know you moved on,
but I’ll be here waiting for you to come back
until the end of time.

lisett cazales

Love hurts

Dark night draws closer still
Black ice melts on scarlet velvet
Ever closer to unwanted hearts
The night a sheet of dark black sounds
This is my heart a beaten mess of untangled love


People say…

People say that love is blue like sea,
another of them say it is green,
because spring is green.
But I say: love is black,`
because I saw it in your eyes...



At times it’s like my heart doesn’t belong to me
It’s like it’s being held captive by the old love,
The one who got away, the one I’m still hung too,
Trying to forget is one thing I think I’ve accomplished,
But at night when all is quiet and my mind wanders,
I think of her, the times spent together, the firsts, the lasts,
The never will happen again.

Michael White

Baby Be Mine

Everyday has passed me by
Everyday has changed my life
You're always making me cry
Always giving me a darker sky
That's why I wrote this poem just for you
And maybe it would get rid of my blues,
But I know everything won't be fine
Until I hear those words...
BABY, BE Mine ...


The Pieces Of My Broken Heart

I found the pieces
Of my broken heart
The one you broke
When we grew apart
I tried to fix the pieces
One by one,
but like Humpty Dumpty
It just couldn’t be done

dedicated to logan 3/8/04

Allison Schueler


Heaven is your home now.....
your love is in my eyes when close....
I feel you’re in my heart....
you are the light of my dream....
your love help me to sleep at night...
I can feel your arms holding me tight...
God has taken your soul and sight...
So I must guide you too my dream light...
See me as I see you...
I dream of you as I see you ...
my lost love you are not lost no more...


Thinking of you

I lie in bed at night thinking of what I’ve done,
I let you go without even knowing you were the one for me,
my mom tells me: we were meant for each other,
but I realized too late,
you turned on me you went…
it’s like I don’t know you anymore,
but what can I do .......nothing


All alone

I am all alone
I am a picture of a wet rose
I need to be picked up and kept close
I promise not to make a heavy load

I am all alone
Who will make me his own?
Who will take me home
Let a love seed be sown?

Ifeanyi Kalu


Some day my love for you
will cease to exist
having floated away
into a warm summer mist
as the sun will set
on a cold winters day
no longer will my words of love
be given away
to drift into nothingness
for the sky above
I will keep my heart
hold onto my love

manuel villarreal

I don't understand

I don’t understand.
Why you take my hand,
Just get mad and be a stubborn man.
I try to make you happy,
Yet I end up doing something crappy.
I don’t understand.
Why you stay with me,
If I upset you constantly.
Please tell me what to do,
So I can want to stay with you too.


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