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tired of wondering

I am so tired of wondering...
if you are going to be with her or me
I am so tired of wondering...
what the end is going to turn out to be
I am so tired of wondering...
do you really love thee
I am so tired of wondering...
when the games are going to quit
I am tired of the game…



Why did you make me cry
I never thought our love would die.

As I think of you I still care
Just like a loving bear.

It started with "Hi"
then ended with "Bye"
I never really thought it would die.

I want you to know
I love you so.

You said I was special to you
I guess I wasn't special enough.

When I look back on the tears
I remember all the memories we've had

I just want to say no matter what
I'll always be your Girl..

Amber Rose

What happened to our love?

When I first met you, I knew that you were the one for me.
I knew that you wouldn't hurt me in anyways because you were so special.
You were always telling me that I’m the only one in your dreams.
You told me that I was the missing key to your heart.
You made a promise to me that you will always be my man.
You told me that I am the only girl for you,
but how could you hurt me.
Why couldn't you tell me the truth,
what happened to our love, that special love that we had together?
What happened to all the promises that you made to me?
The promise that you will always be my man?
Why couldn't you tell me that you had moved on instead
of making my heart fall apart?

Charlotte Sarpong


Why did you leave me here all alone.
Why did you brake up our happy relationship.
You left me heart broken with bad dreams.
Since you have been gone,
I have been so confused.
You left a pain in the bottom of my heart.
We were together for so very long,
I was always crying,
I couldn't sleep at night,
I felt like dying.
And that you're gone,
you must feel so bad
cause I was the best thing that you ever had.

Charlotte Sarpong

a love problem

we started off as friends,
then I started thinking that this will never end ,
this is a love problem

so you started flirting with me and I flirted back,
some cute things happened between us in some kind of lack,
this is a love problem

I finally told you how I felt,
I got very nervous, my heart felt like it would melt,
this is a love problem

you said the same,
I guess that there was no one to blame,
this is a love problem

I found out that it was all a joke,
my heart was broken,
this is a love problem

Daimary perez

All This Time

I am the girl who brushed against you,
just the other day.
The girl who wants to talk to you
but doesn't know what to say.
I still remember you after all these years
and I still love you after all this time and tears.
Now you don't remember me, now we have departed,
but I will remember you, you left me broken hearted



Sitting a top this sandy hill,
watching the waves crash down.
Wondering about my long lost love,
and where he could be now.
I hope that I will find him soon,
or that he will find me.
Because I need some one to love,
and some one to love me


You Promised

You said that you would be here until the end.
You promised that you were my best friend.
You were so different from everyone,
But I guess things are not said and done.
You think I am no longer the same...
I think you were just playing one big game.
Now we fight and it seems never to end.
We could have gotten along so much better,
But you are much different since you met her.
Sorry but you have lost a great friend,
And our story has come to an end.


The Winds

The wind it calls it whispers his name
I try to race it but lose my way,
but now I’m lost, tied up in the game
I’ve lost him now he's making me pay!



looking in your face
I see,
reflected in your eyes,
the torn half-finished pages
that were meant to be
our lives

n springford

The Days We Spent Together

dedicated to: Chris Riley

The days we spent together
The nights we spent alone
You told me that you loved me
And I believed your tone

Please don't leave me, baby,
Please don't let me go
This is how much I love you
And believe me, baby...
I will never let go!!

Denisse Gonzalez



My life was happy at least so it seemed
along came a WEW who stole it from me

She stabbed me in the back and smiled to my face
took my husband from me while I stood by unaware
to the lies and deception in my home and everywhere.

My home is in ruins, my heart in a million tiny pieces
because of the WEW, who perfectly teases
my one true love day after day
why, oh why, did it have to be ?

What did I do to deserve this pain
that cuts like a knife in the cold wet rain?

Please God, please make that WEW disappear
from my man’s heart and from this earth
for no one should have to endure the pain and the anguish
caused by the WEW


Hard to remember

I thought of you the other day, I felt you need a prayer or a saint
I thought you were out of my head, out of my heart,
but yet I feel you need in me in your life,
My heart breaks just picturing your face, or the sound of your voice
no, I must not fall back in your trap
If you need help please find someone else,
I have someone now and the past is the past
but yet I thought of you the other day.

Janet Ruiz


I made a sacrifice to dedicate
my heart to you
and now you leave me young
sad and blue.
Something told me this would
end soon
but I thought the day
"I reached the moon".
I made a sacrifice to dedicate
my trust
and now I get the feeling
there is a must.
Why would you treat me like you do
after I made this sacrifice to you?

Adrienne Jones

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