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First Love

I let him go
My one true love,
I was young, immature
Not wanting commitment
Yet wanting him.
I was too easily persuaded
That he wasn't good enough
But he was and I loved him.
Now he's with another
And I regret it isn't me
But, hey, I've moved on
Yet the longing lingers,
Maybe, one day we'll be
together again.



Is it true that every time I look at you I turn blue?
Why is it that when we are depressed we eat?
Why is it that most boys are toys?
Why is it that most girls just make you want to hurl?
Why is that most people know that they are getting used,
When they know that they are just getting abused?
Why don't most fools go to schools?
Why do drugs make you feel like slugs?
Why does blood flood?
Is it true that blood is thicker than water?
Is it true that most guys are players
when they are really just haters?
Whenever people say good-bye,
Do you ever think that they might be going to the sky?

~Heather Ross~


no sand, time can never be measured.
gone, time is only remembered.
truth, when lies are only being told.
sunk, dreams that never can resurface.
no return, to a time only lost.
nobody, somebody I can be
myself, I know you, you see me
no sand, I'm in the mud...
there's not a winner cause story has
been told…

rashelle convey

no more

Thoughts of you running through my head
But tonight I will shoot them all dead
From tonight I shall feel no more
I'll be committing suicide at four
From tonight.......I will be no more

Simon Chan

should I stay or should I go?

I don't know what to do, I can't decide if I love you.
You said you love me, I don't know what to believe.
When I told you we were through,
there were so many conclusions that you drew.
You didn't do anything wrong, I know we didn't last long.
Now you're begging for me back, you say our love is on track.
I don't want my heart to break, all my love is what you can take.
My love is yours take it and run, I told you that we're done.
The rules can only bend, I just want you as a friend.
We're though. The fire isn't lit, and if you can't deal you're not worth it!


Secret love

A secret love I dare not know
Emotions that I dare not show
A hard found love so quick to go
Affection gone love is slow
A love I knew leaves me alone
As we get up and leave for home

Amanda Lee


In my heart you were once there
I felt you, all the time, everywhere
Now you are absent, and I am empty
Frantically needing you replaced,
I find empathy
For every man or for every "boy"
Anyone that can bring a little joy
Like you I try to be strong
But everyone just seems do wrong
I wish you would reach out to me
I need you to understand and see
I truly love you
And without I cannot be

Zorina Keyser

Our last good bye

promise me that when we say our last good bye
that we are left to keep the memories of what we felt and what we were. promise me you won't cry but think of me
for a flower is such a wonders thing
for seasons bloom and seasons die
and nights chase the days across the sky
for every first hello there is always
a last good bye....

Roni renee

hello again

Hello again
I remember you from yesterday
you held me close
you kissed my lips
our hearts were one
we are together once again
but soon ill waken
only to see
that once again it was only a dream
but in my dreams that’s were you'll stay
because in my dreams
nothing can take you away


Lost but never found

I lost my teddy bear
but I found it
I lost my charm bracelet
but I found it
I lost my shoe
but eventually found it
but then I lost you
as sad as it sound
but your love was lost
but never found

rachel henderson


I was born when you kissed me,
I died when you left me,
but I lived for the two months
you dated me.


Thank You

Thank you for the love,
the love that was never there.
Thank you for the memories,
the memories we never shared.
Thank you for the truth,
the truth you never told,
For all the hurt and lies,
were the things that made me whole.
And I really want to thank you
for never loving me at all.
Because you taught me an important lesson,
a lesson above all.

Dez Grimm


Why do people hurt each other
Why do we hurt our lover
Give your trust to a friend
Then find out it was pretend

Give your love
Honest and true
Thought they were someone you knew

Deceived and confused
Taken for granted and used
No more trust left to give
Is there any way you can forgive



I wish I could tell you , but say not a word.
My thoughts float out to you, the silent wings of a bird.
My message is simple I want it to end, I liked you better as just a friend.
I don't want to hurt you, but there's no other way,
my heart's been telling me what I have to say.
It's not your fault yet it has to be, my reasons are confusing even to me.
They're tangled with detail to hard to explain,
so please understand and I'll take the blame.
The thoughts in my head must have their say,
I can stand its no longer, today is the day.
You and I together must come to an end;
I now only want you and me to be friends.


Never Say Never

Never will I hold you
or kiss you on the cheek
Never will I see
Everyday of every week
Never will you love me
the way that I love you
never will I hear the words
I wish that could be true
Never will we go on dates
or spend long night together
but, then you say
"It might be true, but never just say never"

Christine Ritter

"Loving you again"

I thought my love for you has gone,
but once again I was wrong.
Wrong for letting you out of my life,
and for forbidden to be your wife.
A lot of things have changed since then,
and believe it or not, I'm in to win.
I'm here to give you my heart and my soul,
And let everything unfold.
I've gained a lot through this,
and I wish I could be granted one wish,
I wish upon a star,
that you'll always be in my heart.

LaShonda Jean Mathis

It’s not my fault It’s not my fault, I dream a dream
and it happens to involve you,
It’s not my fault, if I say I love you,
I only speak words that are true.

It’s not my fault, if I speak my mind,
and it’s something to do with love,
It’s not my fault, if I praise you,
You’re truly sent from above.

It’s not my fault, if I take the chance,
and tell you how I feel,
It’s not my fault, if you don’t like it
this love I have is real.

It’s not my fault, if I prove my love,
and admire your every move,
It’s not my fault, if you don’t love me,
I’ll keep trying to improve.

Philip Skinner

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