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Broken inside

Taking back the words I said
Thinking about you in my bed
Sorry for the pain I cause
Undeserving you, I deserve this loss
Need to leave my feelings behind that door
Can't wish on these stars anymore
Now I understand how you walked away
In my mind, the memory of you will stay
Sorry I didn't know what was real
Finally found what is true and what i feel
Isn't worth your time
Cut All the strings you have on my heart
Because you'll never be mine.

stephanie garner

Just mended the heart

I've just found the last bit;
of the heart that you had shattered
Although, it has taken me a while;
Someone has mended it back to almost a new
It is not as good as when you had it;
But it hurts less and very convenient

James Muchiru

Is love a reality?

A waterfall of tears
A lonely heart's desire
A candle lit calmly
Explodes into fire
Father keeps running
Mother stands strong
Living in Hell
Hearing Heaven's song
Is love a reality
Or is reality a myth
Driven by pain
That love can shift
Are we just a thought
Conjured up for this war
We can only ponder
And search for the door

Jen Myers

Every Second

Return to me the time I wasted on you
Give me every second that I spent on you,
I thought they would be worth it.
The days that I spent next to the phone,
And all those Friday nights I spent alone
I stayed home waiting for that call.
You took me for a fool, but not any more.
I learned that love was spending time,
And, although, I love you.
I can't see myself with someone,
Who calls once a week,
And works things out by letting them be.
I learned to let things go, once they hurt.
So return to me every second
That I wasted loving you.


R.I.P Robbert

Little boy thatís now asleep
rest your eyes as we will weep
lay your head upon
that pillow with marble stones
from head to feet
flower your grave with the love
we had in carve your name up
on that arrow and on that arrow
we will place a note = ROBBERT ......
you rest your head
now as you ay in an angels bed
you took its crown you took its wings
and you took it proved
we have just one little thing to say ROBBERT ......

*samantha fennell*

I'm sorry

I'm sorry you never really loved me
I'm sorry you never really missed me
and Iím sorry you never really kissed me
but most of all Iím sorry it had to end.



You are perfect in every way
And perfect for me everyday
We both know that our love's fate
But all I can say is meet me at the heavenly gates
I'm using my last breath on you
Because my love is true and true
Just take me baby before I die
Or look at me and forever say Goodbye

Matt Coachman

Love And Hate

I love the way you smile,
I love the way you smell,
I love the way you look at me,
But only time will tell,
I love the way you think,
I love the way you look,
I don't love what you did to me,
For my heart is what you took,
I hate the way you used me,
I hate the way you played,
I hate the way I trusted you,
But then I was betrayed,
But still I'd love to have you back,
And lie in your arms again,
But for now, I talk to someone new,
And claim yuo're just a friend

Devin Wegner

movin' on

everytime I'm around
your just putting me down
and I can't take it
I can't fake it
I'm putting it all in the past
so my scars can heal
so I can move on
and find a love that is real

Ashley Pedigo


I know Im not suppose to love you, Your not my problem anymore, But when I think about you, My heart it does implore, To understand the reason as to why it has been ripped, From its other matching half, Its mate, Which perfectly did it fit, Though only half it strives to beat, For the memory that once was you, Until I find it whole again, I'm still in love with you!

David Carpenter


Forgetting someone you love
is like remembering someone
you never knew


The Knife

The times we we're a great part of my life
But now I'm left with friendship and holding my heart with a knife
My heart feels the love but then it disappears
My stomach feels the butterflies whenever he is near
My eyes see the things that everyone hears
But when will I notice this will always bring me to tears
He will always fill a special part of my life
But he doesn't realize all the pain he adds to the knife
This knife is a barrier that makes everything worse
It will never let go it will always disperse
As the name is thrown out it becomes its own verse
But when will he see that it is a name that will soon be sent to burst
Life is a game that will always be played
But love is something that has to be made.



I remember you,
I remember the things that we do,
I love the way that you say you love me too
and I remember the day that I let you go
while saying I Love You

Randolph Bool

So hard

I want to tell you
But Iím not sure
why its so hard
to say these words
when all I want is
the same in return
why do I feel
frightened and unsure
why do I shake and my stomach turn
all I want to say
is three simple words
I thought they were great
but I am afraid
they will break
you mean everything to me
but why is it hard to breath
I feel as if I am turning white
so I guess for now
Iíll keep my heart closed tight!


Hurts when I see you

Our love was good our love was strong,
but for some reason you thought it was wrong.
You broke my heart you set me free,
but there is something that you just don't see,
these things are feelings & these feelings hurt,
they hurt because you are not there anymore.
You will always be the one for me,
Which inside my heart, you will always be.


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