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Your voice is what i remember
So gentle and soft and sweet
Your eyes is what i remember
That would melt me without heat
Your smell is what i remember
But its to hard to discribe
So i ask you one favor
To express what i ment
Could you go wash the dishes
And get that lemon freash scent


What I Think

I'm pretty sure the timing is right
To tell you how I feel.

I think it's time to reveal to you
The secret that keeps my lips sealed.

I want to tell you
But I don't know how.

A good idea is what I wish
My mind would allow.

I guess I could try to put together a plan
That, in the end, would probably just sink.

But instead, tonight, I'm gonna find the courage
To just tell you what I think.



Love is like a summers Eve
It comes and go ,
but when it comes you don't know,
what came and hit you.

Could it be Cupids arrow,
or can it just be God's angels,
interfering for just a show,
but whatever it is it is something,
that I hope to experience,

I hope that being love,
Feels like heaven,
to touch,
Because being in love
is truly a gift from God

Patrice Johnson

When I'm Around You

So many things,
run through my head.
When it comes to you,
and the things that you've said.

So many wonderful,
memories rush through.
When it comes to the person you are,
and the great things you do.

I cant take your face, smile, or laugh,
out of my mind.
I just cant do it,
when I know that your mine.

I love to look at the pictures,
of your oh so handsome face.
I can just imagine,
Your warm, loving embrace.

I really dont know,
what I would do.
If you werent around,
and if I wasnt with you.


Angel Boi

When i was left broken hearted,
From all the other boys,
You came into my life,
And filled my heart with joy.

You picked up all the pieces,
And sewed them back together,
Finally someone who'll treat me right,
A love to last forever.

I can't believe it took so long,
For me to finally see,
That you were the one waiting,
To come and rescue me.

So never again will i have to cry,
Accept for tears of joy,
I love you with all my heart,
My precious ANGEL BOI.

***Terrence's Gurl***

Love Conquers All

When the times are tough and when the winds blow
Love conquers all and it continues to show

When no one cares and the world is bleak
Love conquers all for those who seek

A love so true that the angels sing
This feeling I have can only be one thing

An undying love that withstand anything that is seen
The good times, the bad times and everything in between

So when people say it s over, don t believe what they say
Because love conquers all, come what may.

Amy Scott

Listen to my Heart Beat

As I listen to yours
My life feels complete
Knowing it's you I adore

I am happy when you're here
I don't feel alone
A Smile does appear
when we talk on the phone

So now I shall wait
for you to arrive
I will wait up late
So our love will survive



I thought of you today
but thats nothing new
I thought of you yesterday
and the day before that too
for everyday no matter where
In my heart youll always be there
today, tomorrow, my whole life through
I will never stop loving you!


The Power Of Love

The power of a wind can chill.
The power of a fire can burn.
The power of a gun can kill.
The power of a mind can learn.

The power of anger can deep inside
Until it tears you apart...
But only the power of your love
Can melt my cold cold heart.

Jay Verano

Beauty of Romance

Her eyes would melt my very soul
if I should stare that much,
she'd make me quiver down my veins
with every single touch..

Along with her angelic smile
and lips that tastes so sweet,
she sends me thund'ring rush of blood
that sweeps me off my feet..

Now if I stand so close and watch
how beautiful she is,
behold, I would not last without
surrend'ring to her kiss..

If I indulge myself too long
she'd take me to a dance,
and let the heavens paint the perfect
picture of romance..


What is love?

What is love?
A constantly asked question.
Some say love is just an emotion.
Sure, but is that all?
I say, love is a gift.
A gift from one heart to another.
It is something to keep and to cherish.
Not throw away like some worthless piece of paper.
It can be painful at time,
But for the remainding, it is beautiful, everlasting, and forever.
It is never selfish or greedy.
Mean or cheating.
What ever you do,
Never throw away love
when you come across it.
Whatever the obstacles,
Hold on tightly and never let go.

Julia Chubenko


Love is like a china plate,
Not easy to get ,
But hard to break ,
If u look after it right ,
And treat it good ,
It will last forever ,
Like it always should ,
If u dont treat it right ,
And dont show it respect ,
It will come bak to haunt you ,
In the worst effect ,
It will lock up your heart ,
And throw away the key ,
And within the darkest pit ,
Your heart will forever be

Jarrad Simpson

Roses are red

Roses are red
violets are blue.
No one on this planet
can compare with you.

Your eyes and nose
And your pretty face.
Your more interesting than
The whole of space.

I can't believe
I'm speaking in rhyme.
I hope someday you will be mine.

Your mind and body
All rolled into one.
I'll have you in my hand,
Before this day is done.

Roses are red
Violets are blue.
I hope you now know
I love you!


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