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forever and always

In the past relationships I thought I felt love,
but then I realized it was all just play,
but that moment you said "I love you",
so strong so meaningful, I felt it right away,
this was definitely true love,
you said I was your queen,
when you touched me, I was crowned,
I feel your love night and day,
and there’s no way to put my love into words,
my heart was set free with your love,
and it now flies with the birds,
thank you for loving me,
and for allowing me to love you.


helpless love

helplessly yours; devoted to you
tasting your kiss; singing your tune
loving your eyes; kissing your smile
making my day; savor this while
falling asleep; dreaming of you
missing your arms; feelings are true
days are cherished; never alone
happy as always; heart is on loan
drifting away; moments of bliss
changing my life; with just your kiss
shivers through body; choking on words
screaming for mercy; nobody heard



Love is like a flower,
It starts out as a seed
then it starts to bloom,
when the flower is done blooming
it will stay firm and true for awhile
then the flower will soon die,
love is like a flower


Wish he knew

He means so much to me I wish he knew~
Because when he's around the sky's a different shade of ~
and when he talks my knees begin to shake~
The last things I want is another heart break~
If he'd be loyal then I'd be true~
And maybe someday he will ask me if I do~
But how can he ask if he doesn't even know~
And all my love I can't even show~

Maria Natale

Hank H

I have liked you for so long,
those feelings they held strong,
I always wanted to be with you,
but I thought that would never come true.
So now 7 years have passed,
and to my luck, you're single at last,
but I don't know if you feel that way,
I don't know if I'd make you happy…

Meagan J

Because of You

Because of you
My world is now whole
Because of you
I have laughter in my eyes
Because of you
I am no longer afraid of good-byes
You are my pillar
you give me the strengths to go on with life
Because of you
I don't have to try and find the right person
And because of you
My love is as pure as water
And it's all because of YOU

Christine Marie Tyng

Right in Front of us

We have spent our live searching for the one
Talking to each other about the people we are with
and what we wanted in a relationship
For little did we know they were right
Under our nose

We wanted someone to be there for us, understand us,
and most of all love us
As much as we love them and along the way
We fell in love with each other

Deeper and deeper everyday being blind to it
Until one day we realized
We couldn’t live without each other
You are my best friend, companion and sole mate
Thank you for choosing me

Debra Hackenjos

our life

We've only just begun
Our life together
And yet as strong as it is
I know it will last forever

We've only just begun
To see what the future holds
To dream of what we can be to each other
To build a life together

In the end
We can look back
And think of all we had
And be proud that we came as far as we did

In the end
We can look back and see all the dreams we accomplished
Be happy with the life we built together
And know it will last for eternity

krysten kopecky

fare well

once you were mine
and I was fine,
but now you’re his,
this is no more hope,
you’ll have a happy life
and you will be a great wife,
some time in your life…
fare well

steven hays

The Power Of Love

Love can change everything you have known
Everything you believe with this feeling shown
A heart beating faster can make two people fly
Make you walk on water in the twinkle of an eye

It takes control of the heart, mind, body and soul
They fit that place deep inside to make you whole
The elements together fire, earth, water and air
Are nothing without love, in it they all share

Without the one you love there is nothing it seems
Together the strength can make hopes and dreams
A feeling so breathtakingly gentle lifts you up above
This natural passion comes with the power of love

Nicola Edmanson

When You Won't Be There

You seem to be happiness,
But I don’t know anything about endurance.
You are the sunlight,
But I don’t know anything about the night.
You are my breath,
But I don’t know anything about death.
You are there with me this morrow,
But I don’t know anything about tomorrow.
You are today here,
But I don’t know anything about the time
when you won’t be there.

Khushbu Nanavati

Turned away

I turned away not knowing
How you were going to react.
I turned away not knowing
All of the facts.
I turned away without you,
Because you had done something wrong
I turned away without you
And now our love is gone.

But now you've turned away
Because you just did.
Now we've turned away,
Because our love also did.

Dorrina Shajari

Time is all I need...

Time is all I need...
To get to your heart
Don't let any hater break us apart.
Time is all I need...
To tell you I miss you
And that I want to kiss you
Time is all I need...
To hear what you have to say
And believe if you want to stay

Erika Ruiz

"You are my joy"

Ever since I knew you,
My heart sings a new tune:
One of love.
Every time you come around,
I bubble with joy;
As happy as a sand boy.
You give me pleasure unknown before,
Each day I beg for more;
Without you, my heart is empty;
ever day seems dull.
I can't pay you for the joy you give;
But I know you
You are the reason to live.

kelvin onwunalu

The Love Child

Could it be after sharing each other night after night,
making ourselves as one,
could this be our seed growing from nights of endless love?
taking some of you and taking some of me
and planting our seed to grow the beautiful love child
brought here because of love.

sabrina smith

A Simple Plea

The daylight fled and darkness came.
It was silent and I called your name.
To my surprise you suddenly came.
You took away all of my pain.

Daniel Bryson

A Lovely Pantun

Sometimes I'm at a lose for words and sometimes they've lost me.
Every time I see your face those words are lost at sea.
According to the rules I have to go down with my ship.
That’s why when you speak my mind may start to drift.
Yet slowly every day I row my boat towards shore.
Perhaps one of these days I'll say a little more.

Daniel Bryson

Love and Romantic Poems

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