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My Love

I'm nothing without your touch my Love.
I'm nothing without your kiss.
To spend each night in your arms, my Flower.
It's my idea of bliss.
For hearing your voice each day
I’ll die 7 times by God's wrath.
If I were anything other than human
I would want to be the water in your bath.


How I Feel

Shy, can’t breath,
thinking of you, can’t speak,
talking to you,
hands are getting sweaty,
getting mad at the computer because,
it won’t load your picture,
that’s how I feel when I think of you!!


The first time I Saw you

The first time I saw you,
I knew it was true.
I don't know what you do,
You don't have a clue.
You don't know what it's like
To be me looking at you!!


Fantasies And Dreams

Love can be like a fantasy,
Never-ending and yet amazing
Your fantasy may come true
Love may not.
Love can disappear,
Fantasies can fade.

Love can cause pain,
Fantasies may cause sorrow.
Fantasies can be like dreams,
Sweet and unbelievable.
What more do we want?
When love and fantasies can come true.

Daria Rodriguez

A Butterfly Inside

Where did you come from butterfly
So elegant and lovely in flight?
Wings flickering like a dying candle flame,
They shimmer like jewels in the light

Where did you come from butterfly?
Did I take you in a breath concealed?
Now you flutter about in my belly
Upon a sigh or daydream revealed.

Jared Croes

She can always make me smile

We met and I thought you’d be my friend,
But then I liked you how fast came the end.
You decided to go ahead and give us a whirl.
I can t believe I lost my chance with the perfect girl
Now she’s happy being friends with me.
I wish she could just be able to see.
I really don’t need her to be my girl,
But if she was that'd be my life’s pearl.
She'd be the one that made it all worth while,
But no matter what
she can always make me smile

Darci Beers


We have been together for a year, and two months,
and it has been the best year and two months of my whole life.
We have our good times, and we have our bad times.
You make me laugh, and sometimes cry.
You make me so happy to be alive.
You make me happy when I am sad.
You have showed me more love than I ever thought possible.
You are no doubt one of a kind.
You are number one in my heart, and mind.
You make me feel special, you make me feel so grand,
and someday I know we will walk hand in hand.

LaTasha Wyrick

I Believe

I believe in God...
I believe we were destined to meet...
I believe you are my missing rib...
I believe we can achieve whatever we desire..
I believe you're the best thing that has happened to me..
I believe I’m in love with you...
I believe I love you more than you know...
and most of all I believe in you..


The One

When I'm with you I go insane,
my heart begins to race,
my knees become weak.
I can't live without you in my life.
Your kisses so soft,
your hugs so gentle,
you treat me like you’re angel.
My friends don't see you like I do.
Well, they are wrong
and do you know why?
They don't see what I see
when I look into your eyes


Discovering Feelings at Midnight

I feel it tonight,
under the moon's light.
It's true beauty is shown,
as I stand here alone,
thinking of you.
I look into the sky,
as I feel the time flying by,
I think........maybe love does exist.

Danish Jaffer

She's like a dream come true

her lovely face, her wonderful eyes,
she’s like a dream come true,
it’s like having everything you've ever wanted
never too much,
she's like a dream come true,
her soft skin, of, so sexy and thin,
if you was to know her you would know
that she's like a dream come true.


A Diamond Is Forever

A diamond is forever,
just like my love for you.
Even if I disappear forever,
My love will live on for you.



People call a rich man a lucky,
Because he can buy everything he wants.
People call a famous man lucky,
because he is so well known.
I call myself the luckiest man on earth,
because I have you for my own.

Marco Dorenbos

100 things

There are a hundred things I want to say to you
There are even more dreams I dreamt about you
Wishing I could hold you in my arms, forever and more
If I look up to the clouds, I see your face
Can t set my mind on something else
Day by day, months are passing by
Every day is a day without you
But there is one thing why I’m happy
That you’ll be in my heart

Marco Dorenbos

One Day

one day they’ll see, how much you mean to me.
One day they’ll know, how much I love you so.
One day we’ll shine, and I ll shout that you are mine.
One day we’ll confess, and our secret love will be undressed.
One day they’ll learn, and our fire of love will go on to burn.
One day we’ll leave, and take our love elsewhere to heave.
One day we’ll be, together you’ll see.
Together day....


The voice inside my head

There is a voice inside my head that says everything is ok.
Its soft sweet whisper tells me everything to say.
It reminds me who to like and who to hate, but when it comes to who I love
there is never a debate.
I hear the voice all the time, cause it is what makes my smile shine.
Without the voice I don't know what I'd do,
but then I realized the voice was you.


Our Love Lasts

When strong winds blow love away, I know ours is here to stay,
our love is pure, it comes from the heart,
it can not be broken even with a hateful dart,
so I'm telling this to you today, our love will last,
it is here to stay.


My Queen

You are my queen from now until the end.
Even though we may have our differences at times.
My Love for you will always be true no matter what
we go through.

You are my queen for always and forever.
No matter how we are living in rags or in riches.
My love will always be true to you.

You are my queen no matter which way you look at it.
Through our ups and downs, our sad and glad times.
My love will never change.

You are my queen and I am your King and together
we can rule the world just as long as our love doesn't change.

Antwuan LeGardye

In the Dark of the Night

In the Dark of the Night I met a girl
As I walked by my head hit a twirl
I knew it then, as I know it now
What I did, then left me like, wow..
A simple glance led to a night of romance
Little by little we made it work
She was scared for there were things that lurked
We made it better, our bodies touched
Provided refuge from danger and such
It was cold and dark that late spring night
I soothed & calmed her with all of my might
And then there was peace, just me and her
We protected each other from each little stir
As I wake in my bed I wonder if I might
Ever see her again,
In the Dark of the Night…

ron rodriguez

The special thing about you

What so special you
you always stay in true
even when you are sad or feeling blue.
It is so hard to find a person specially like you
that’s why I'm so willing to do
what no other would do.
When it all said and done and it came down to the end
I'm willing to stick by you
through thick and thin

Jerrell Winters

The stars and the moon.

The stars and the moon are our symbols of love.
At night when I see them I remember your touch,
the way you whispered in my ear how much you love me,
looked into my eyes and down at my soul.
Doesn't matter if we are far apart
thoughts of you have embraced me,
I don't have you next to me,
but the memories are beautiful.
So when I look at the stars and moon
I realize how much I love you!

jazmin aide

Endless Love

Keep me in your thoughts and dreams,
Baby, I always do.
You’re my one and the only love,
So pure and true.
Our love is like an endless tunnel,
It never stops going.
As long as you’re in my world
Nothing can cause me pain,
Because you are there to take it all away.
If there is one thing I could do for you
It would be to love you
As much as you loved me.


A Woman's Lips

Can a man ever crave for the touch of a woman's lips more than I?
To touch them lightly with my finger like caressing the petals of a rose.
I could wile away the breezy summer evenings laying in them.
And in the bitter winter evenings cuddled between them.
I could sleep in their cradle and dream of you whispering my name.
They frame your smile with velvet and crown your chin with satin.
I could kiss them a thousand times and think of a thousand different reasons why I enjoy them.

Jared Croes

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