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I'm in Heaven

When I see you strolling to me,
I see Heaven...
When I hold you around my arms,
I feel Heaven...
When I hear your awesome voice,
I hear Heaven...
When I kiss your rosined lips,
I know, at that moment,
I'm in Heaven!!!

Ioua Alen M.B. Lagazo

Gifts of nature

A new day begins with a new dream
And makes the world as bright as can be
It brings a smile and opens the eyes of a new born baby
A new day begins with a new dream

The world is full of colors and joy,
But sometimes the sky turns the other way
And hides itself in clouds of gray
The rain falls and makes the world more artistic

The evergreen trees swing in breeze
You can hear the echo of the birds
And can smell the beautiful flowers
For one moment I thought the world belonged to me


Angelic Islander

The warm sun hits my face
A cool breeze fills my ears
This is truly a perfect place
A place to ease all my fears

I look up into the blue sky
I hear the ocean plays its song
Its melody begins to make me cry
For now I know I can't go wrong

I found my princess of the sea
I feel like I am in paradise
Her love she has given to me
I never knew this could be so nice

I have found my Angelic Islander
Never will I let her go
For never again will I find her
My love is all I have to show

Torega Yenkow

it won't be lost

my love for you won't be lost
no matter what it may cost
so come with me and you will see
what’s my lie underneath;
underneath - my love for you
may be neat and true,
so come with me and let’s just see;
how true my love can be.


Wondering Why

As I sit and stare
feeling the sun glares,
it all hits me, just a whirlwind of emotion
I realize how lucky I am.

All I do is wonder,
about the future, about the past,
wondering if our love will last
even though in my heart I know:
my love for you will never end.

I sit and stare at the sky.
I sit there and wonder why,
wondering why I’m so lucky.


I'm drowning because of so much pain.
I feel all alone here in the rain
I don't look the same,
'Cause I’m so insane.
I can't reach your heart,
'Cause we're far apart,
Can't even touch your hand
That for me is so bland.
Tonight I feel so depressed
And now I need to be caressed.
And so I knelt and prayed to someone up above
To bring me closer to you, my LOVE.

anne angel


God must have been so true,
Time must have been so good,
'Cause my dream is almost coming,
And so I've stopped thinking
About what would not happen,
Instead count the chances
Of you being here with me.
Together we'll be happy and free
To feel how nice it is to fall in love.
Just like a couple of dove
Closer and closer, time is here
I just have to wait, no more fear.
It may take too much time.
Well, I won't care, it maybe sublime.
But for now I want to tell you without regrets
That I love you more and more, the closer it gets.

anne angel

Would you love me so?

If I told you, I would catch a falling star for you,
would you love me so?
If I told you I would give you the world,
would you love me so?
If I told you I would move mountains to see you,
would you love me so?
If I told you I would swim oceans wide for you,
would you love me so?
If I told you I can only give you my everlasting love,
would you love me so?


Fairy tale

I don’t believe in fairy tales they never work for me.
I won’t get my three wishes from a genie I set free.
There won’t be a handsome prince to carry me away.
A fairy godmother won’t appear so she can save the day.
There isn't any wicked which to fed me some brew,
so how do I explain, the handsome prince is you?


Uhm, Uhm

Boy, you are so fine
your looks are uhm uhm!
I think of you all the time
you make me think uhm uhm!
When we are on the phone talking crazy
you make me laugh and say uhm uhm!
Dang, I wish you were mine,
but until that time
I will keep thinking, dang
that boy makes me think and say uhm uhm!


A dream?

I woke up this morning
with sweat on my brow.
It must've been a dream
that made me sweat.
I saw the stars till I heard
the birds sing
I then realized it wasn’t a dream,
it did come true,
because when I woke up this morning
I did so next to you.

Magic Brownie

Another Side of the Flower

As it blooms as do you,
I can not yet admire your beauty, your glamour, your glow.
Till it is that day you await me to pick you
and allow me to keep you to myself.

As i would precious you forever and ever.
Till the day it comes i grow old and wither with you.
As i age before you the day i die with you.


How I feel

I want to tell you, you're so sweet,
I'm so glad we got to meet.
You're nice and beautiful, cute and smart,
In such a short time you've conquered my heart.
I just can't stop thinking about you,
You're so awesome, a perfect view.
Thanks for your time, what you say and what you do,
But most of all thanks for just being you.

Josh Emocore

A man my soul to keep

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray a man my soul to keep.
May he love me forever more.
Make his heart never sore.
Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray a man my soul to keep.
Keep me close night by night
Make this love, make it right.
Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray a man my soul to keep.
Make this love last long.
Keep it right, keep it strong.


Eyes meet

When our eyes meet
feels like you're touching me
feels like you're talking sweet
but you're just going by
making me feel inside
as if you know me,
but you never even phoned me
I'm so lonely
and wishing you can notice me



Yesterday I told you, you make me happy.
You still do today.
Yesterday I told you, you make me smile.
You still do today.
Yesterday I told you, you make me laugh.
You still do today.
Yesterday I told you, you make me complete.
you still do today.
Yesterday I told you, you make me miss you so much.
you still do today.
Today I’m telling you I love you.
And forever I still will.



If I could fly
Oh, my
I'd be up in the sky
Oh, my
I'd never die,
so say good-bye
I learned how to fly,
but that’s a lie
oh, my.

Misti Manworing

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