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You told me I was beautiful,
it meant so much to me.
But when I looked in the mirror,
there was no beauty I could see.
I asked you why you said that,
I asked you why you lied.
But then you told me to look closer,
cause I’m beautiful inside.


Let me

Let me
Show you a love so untamed and so intense.
A love so new and unique it breaks down your defense.
Let us
Enjoy feelings unexplained never tasted or felt.
Washing away all of the bad love we have ever been dealt.
Let me
Take you to rapture and leave you suspended in pure fantasy.
All sensual sensations alive and leaving you in a state of ecstasy.
Let us
Explore our naked bodies with fingers tracing and tongues dancing.
Feel our hearts united and beating hard from passions so enhancing.
Let me
Excite and ignite all of your senses and open your desires.
Fulfilling all your needs and quenching your fires.
Let me…

D.E. Goff

Every time I think of you

When I think of you there's always a smile in my face.
But I ask myself are you really glad?
I say to you and hope one day you will feel the same.
I hope one day I can make you as happy as you make me.
I truly love you so and even if you ever go
I will never let you go…

Angie Macias
Laura Lopez

If your asking...

If your asking if I need you,
the answer is forever...
if your asking if I’ll leave you,
the answer is never...
if your asking what I value,
the answer is you...
if your asking if I love you,
the answer is I do!

Dedicated to Jacobe! Love you!

Crystal Callaway

I’m missing you

I must get this out
because my heart wants to shout
yes I’m missing you without a doubt
through time my sweetness will never go sour
you’re always on my mind and I
ask myself why?
why must you leave and make my heart cry?
you know ill be thinking of you.
there are so many things I want us to do
my feelings I know I must contain
until we meet again
my heart controls my brain
and as the day
closes all I want to do
is kiss you because I know
in my heart I’m missing you


With these arms

With these arms, I’ve held you close,
stroked your face and wipe you teary eyes.
With these arms, I’ve induced ecstasy and sheer bliss.
With these arms, I’ve made you smile, even laugh hysterically.
With these arms, I shall hold yours forever.



whenever I look at you I gather the ideas
that you were made before the flowers
and then God copied on you to make the roses.


Why do I love you?

Sometimes at night, when I look to the sky,
I start thinking of you and then ask myself, why?
Why do I love you? I think and smile,
because I know the list could run on for miles.
The whisper of your voice, the warmth of your touch,
so many little things make me love you so much…


My Baby

love is like a baby…
first you start off crawling,
then you learn how to walk,
then you finally got it.


Crystal Owens

girl, you are so fine
I wish you were here tonight
because baby, you are so fine
the feeling we have is just so right
Just hold me in your thick arms tonight
and hit off that light
I love you baby

joesph valle

my dream girl

I saw her clearly
looking at me softly
her lips soft and pinkish tasting of undiluted honey
her smile lightening up the room like a 1000 watts bulb
her face oval, with clear brown eyes
her voice tinkling clear and soft like that of a dove
her figure moderately slim and shapely
she had the intellect of my mother
she said to me^ "I am all yours"
I reached for her hand but she left in a mist
leaving her subtle scent to reck my senses
I am still in search of her

chiadika chiedu


In the silhouette of the light from a dark sun,
a unresponsive image standing blue and numb.
Cold, winter winds that crisp my heart with sleet and snow.
I've run out of patience, tears, and hope.
I told myself love does not conquer all and then I found you.
Taking my heart into protection from the cold light of loneliness.
No longer that image standing blue and numb.
The sleet and snow is dwindling away to a puddle of clear, blue rain of none.


Love is like an air
you could feel it but you can’t see it
Love is like candy
once you fall you can’t get out
Love is like your brother or sister
you can’t live without it but
you can’t live with it


First Contact

The smell of your hair, the taste of your skin,
the touch of your lips to mine.
The loving embrace as the passion increases
and our bodies are fully entwined.

The heat from this moment can not be contained,
as the sparks of our passion ignite.
The excitements intense and the flames are unyielding
as the fire burns on through the night.

Emotions are strong, the feelings are right,
not even rain can put out the flames.
But as passion reaches its melting point,
sensibility takes over the game.

The time and the place are important you see,
it should be perfect in every way.
An event to remember in a world all our own,
so we do use the flames for another day.

Another night, when the stars are alive,
romantic music and candlelight.
The perfect setting in a perfect place.
Someday soon, we will have our night.

Mark L. Rognsvoog

Better man

Baby girl, so sorry he hurts you bad
Makes me mad when he makes you sad
Tears fall from those beautiful eyes
Baby come running and no more will you cry
I’ll appreciate what you do for me
I’ll keep you by my side
No longer will you cry
No longer will you have to hide
Cause I’ll be your keeper
No one will ever harm you again
This love I feel for you is no pretend

I promise I’ll keep these words I say
All I can do now is sit here and pray
That you realize I’m a better man
And no sorrow or pain will you feel again


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