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so many songs
so many poems
so many movies
so many words
so many thoughts
so many books
to describe my love
non of them will do
for someone as special as you


Love is

Love is a flower in the spring.
Love is the reason birds sing.
Love is a rainbow in the sky.
Love is a colorful butterfly.
Love is a beautiful summer day.
Love is what shows us the way.
Love is the one so calm at night.
Love is a star that shines so bright.
Love is going to last forever.
Love is the reason we should be together.

Amanda Setty

First love

You should hate me for what I did to you
but I learned that life is too short
to hate so forgive them.
The hardest thing is to forgive someone you love
but if you love them and not forgive them
that痴 not love at all.


12 beautiful things!

when you take 11 red roses
and stand in front of a mirror
you will see 12 of the most beautiful
things in the world!


"my worth"

I知 worth all things that
money can buy .
I知 worth all the respect
I値l get till I die.
I知 worth the world -
each country, each state.
I知 worth each diamond,
each color, each shape.
I知 worth more then cars
driving around.
worth more then the sun
when it's up or when it痴 down.
I知 worth more then each one of those
stars in the sky
I知 worth it, because I知 worth it
in your eyes.


Courageous Cruelty

I won't tell if you don't.
So, if you won't tell then I won't.
Let's shake hearts.
Did she see you park in front of my house?
No! He didn't see me re-buttoning my blouse!
You left your boxing under my pillow.
Ooops! I'll get my toothbrush some time tomorrow.
..Only Lust; a.k.a Illegal Love...
Courageous Cruelty as to a Worldly Dove...


"Give it a Chance"

Passion, love, and romance, shouldn't we all give that a chance.
Chance! a chance for romance.......
A chance to love again, or meet that special friend.
A chance to share what we all love most,
that candle light dinner, with a toast.
So give me that chance, to give you passion, love, and romance.
And we can't forget to end the night with that special dance.

LaShonda Jean Mathis


two stars in the sky can't disappear
two persons that were once in love
will never be forgotten
love is a word that many lips can say
but few hearts can feel.

erika sanchez

Me and You

Always remember...
I love you baby
Always remember...
I didn't say maybe
Always remember...
I知 here forever
Always remember...
I値l leave you never
Always remember...
I love you
Always remember...
you love me too


Lonely without you

woke up today
with your name on my lips
went about my way
you were in all my steps

saw a movie and it made me cry
if only I could tell you why
but there are no words for this loneliness
because it s you I miss



To the one who makes my life complete:
Please stop asking when it's time to eat.
Can't you see I'm getting fat.
I heard there's a restaurant serving cat.
Maybe we'll just skip this meal,
at least the dishes we'll not have to deal.
Full we not be,
but always complete with you and me.

Angela Fears

Black-Hearted Bliss

I could talk to you for hours with my kiss.
I could tantalize your senses with my lips.
Our significant others are totally oblivious to our forbidden bliss.
Could we write to each other for a while with our tongues?
Could we let our infidelity go unsung?
I feel less guilty for our Dark Exctasy knowing that I'm not the only one.


How Do I Know I Love You?

How do I know I love you?
Even though we're far apart
You'll always be here in my heart.
Through thick and thin we've been through
You know I'll always be with you.
As you hold me in your arms
And also tease me with your charms,
I know you'll always comfort me,
And that is how I want to be,
In a paradise for two,
That's how I know I love you!

Abigail Bis

Sealed Pages

Like a book I wait to be opened, to be read,
To be liked for who I am, not what I look like
or what people have said
Will I be kept and loved or tossed back on the shelf?
No worry, because I know now you will always love me yourself
I'm always here in any way you need,
When you need to talk, cry or just open me up to read

Dustin Gagnon

Love is

love is the light that brightens the day
love is the hope that guides the way
love is the quiet that shares the silence
love is the ears that hear the snoring
love is the time when life is boring
love is you

andrea taplin


sweet baby girl in heaven above,
God sent you to us with much love,
not knowing what pain it would cause.
I deal with it just because
the few moments I had you in my arms,
will last me till the end of time.
till I see and know you were really mine.

soy lee v.s.

my search

From the peak of the highest mountain
I stood and gazed upon the world
In search of to share my abode with me
I looked from the east to the west
I searched from the north to the south
I wept because I could find no one
No one to call my own
I looked upwards at the sky
I found you on the chords of the rainbow
gazing down at me. Smiling
You stretched your hands and reached out for me
You took me from the earth to your sky
You gave me a home at your home
A place with you to live with you in love
I am grateful
Thanks my cherubic Angel

chiedu chiadika

I saw the rose grow

I saw roses grow
through hail,
and beating rays.

my love like the rose
will grow
Nicolas Bugden

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