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On Chilly Winter Nights

On chilly winter nights, I love for you to hold me and caress my back. I like for you to kiss me softly and run your fingers through my hair. When the phone rings, you don't answer and you stay focused on me. I love it when you gaze into my eyes and tell me that I am all yours. I dream that we will get married one day, but for now we are lovers, friends, and it is particularly on those Chilly Winter Nights.

Ashley Dennis

A Bubble

A bubble is round because...
Because it is the most efficient shape
The world turns slowly
While we turn fast
Nothing can harm us
Only we can survive
We are alone and together
The bubble can protect us
Our bubble of love will keep us.

Charles Martin

Can You Tell Me?

I have this feeling I cant deny
I wonder what, I wonder why?
I like it though, it makes me cry
I feel light, like a feather in flight
So about this feelign I cant Deny
I wonder what, I wonder why?


Late at night I stay awake

Wondering how you are
I wish i could be closer
Than having to be so far

Our love was true
You said yourself
Now all i have are memories on the shelf
All this time and you throw it away
Just so you can have someone new
To break their heart with which you play

I love you still
And you love me too
But dreaming is all that there's left to do
So don't be scared to dream of me
Cause in your dreams that's where i'll be
Watching you watching me
Close your eyes now
Dream of me.
Pooja Kharel


I can hear his voice when he is silent
I can see his eyes when he close his eyes
I can smell his aroma when he is not near me
I feel his touch when he is far away from me
It doesn't matter whether he is near me or far away from me
He is always with me everywhere, every moment and each second of my life....


The Key to my Heart

Late at night,
When I should be asleep,
Into my heart
You quietly creep,
I sit and ponder,
How could it be?
But you must have stumbled,
Across the key,
I know our friendship,
Could mean so much more,
But it’s up to you to open the doorElt;br>


From the moment we met I knew
Something special was happening between me and you.

I knew it was something sweet & true,
& couldn't stop myself from falling for you.

At first I thought how could this be,
I have found the one true love for me.

You stole my heart piece by piece,
and in my heart is where you will always be!

Lindsey E Moore

Love Is Not About Finding The Right Person

LOVE" is not about finding the right person in your life,
but the most important thing for creation the right relationship.

It's not about how much love you have in the beginning,
but how much love you build till the end of life.


In the palm of your hands

Winning every portion of my heart,
is like holding every part of the heavens in the palm of your hands.
For every moment you make me smile,
a star will fall in the palm of your hands.
For every moment you care & love me,
an asteroid will fall in the palm of your hands.
And for every moment you respect me,
the moon will wall in the palm of your hands.
Now, if you put all the bits & pieces of the heavens together & in the right way,
you'll be holding my heart,
in the palm of your hands.

Diana Shawgi Martin

I always see you

You aren't physically here with me
but I always see you.
I see you every morning
because you're my sunshine.
I see you every afternoon
because you're my dream during my nap.
I see you every evening
because you're my sunset.
And I see you every night
because you're my blanket of stars.

Diana Shawgi Martin

"A New Love"

First are the smiles.
The innocent ability of a person to capture a heart.
Then come words.
The unintentional way of linking two minds.
Suddenly, your holding hands.
The simple conjoining that expresses affection.
Before you know it, hugs.
The sweet sign of two people starting to like each other sincerely.
Finally come the kisses.
The official signs of two adjoining hearts.
And last but definitely not least are the "I love You"s.
The end of the playing around. The beginning of a new love.



When I think about you, I get this unbelievably intense feeling.
I can't keep from showing a smile.
When I hear your voice, this feeling comes again.
I get lost in your words, not remembering to speak.
When I'm aware of your presence, I become giddy.
The butterflies take over me and I want to shed happy tears.
But you stay so calm.
How do you do it?
I wonder if I look as calm on the surface as you do...
Or is it only me that has these butterflies?


You taught Me...

You taught me how to love...
for I hate everybody.
you taught me to embrace...
for my arms never move.
you taught me to be my own self...
for I am living in a plastic world.
you taught me to beg...
for my pride always lift up.
you taught me everything...
for I know nothing.
but you never taught me how to forget...
for I learned to love you!!!


To Love and Be Loved in Return

We were all born to love
and be loved in return.
We were all born wanting.
Wanting for someone to love
and be loved in return.
Simple as it may sound,
but it is really hard to do
To find someone to love
and will love you like you do.
Pain must be felt, and
Mistakes must be experienced
For us to have what we want and
For us to understand
the reason why we were all bornElt;br>
Ashvielle Czarey

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