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Yahoo Personals helps you build meaningful relationships with a large community of people like yourself. You can make new friends and find dates through the Yahoo Personals network of online personal ads.

As a registered Yahoo Personals user, you can post a free ad with a photo, reply to ads, and receive and reply to responses to your own ads through a private Personals Mailbox. Unregistered users can browse the ad listings but need to register with Yahoo Personals to reply to ads. You must be at least 18 years old to use Yahoo Personals.

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Yahoo Personals

Yahoo Personals - New Mutual Matching feature highlights people who not only meet your criteria but who are also interested in finding someone like you!

Meet men at Yahoo Personals

Yahoo Personals gives Yahoo users a way to find and interact with other people who may share their interests and goals. Just like a real community, different people may have different opinions and personalities in Yahoo Personals.

Meet women at Yahoo Personals

Yahoo Personals Review & Description:

To start building relationships with other users, you'll need to become a paying subscriber. Once a subscriber, you'll have numerous opportunities to connect with other users. You are in control, determining whom you would like to communicate with and when.

Another way to get started with Yahoo Personals is by placing a free personal ad. In your ad, you can talk about whom you are and who you're seeking. You can also post up to five photos!

Yahoo Personals FREE FEATURES:

Create Profiles and Photos: Log on to Yahoo Personals to post a profile and add a photo. You'll receive responses in your private Personals Mailbox.

Voice and Video Greetings: Post and listen to other users' 30-second voice and video greetings to get a better sense of what their personality is really like.

Search for Yahoo Singles Profiles: Browse through the extensive database of profiles for free.

Advanced Search: Find exactly who you're looking for - narrow your searches based on preferences such as education level, religion, ethnicity and more.

Mutual Match: Find people who match your search criteria and who are also interested in finding someone like you!

Search Now, Save for Later: Choose "Save Profile" and the profile will be waiting on your "My Personals" page until you are ready to respond.

Let Yahoo Search for You: Tell Yahoo Personals the type of people you are looking for and you'll receive e-mail alerts when someone posts a profile that matches your desires.

New! Icebreakers: Icebreakers are free one-time messages someone can send to another to let him or her know they're interested. Recipients can also respond one time with a free reply. Although you do not need to be a subscriber to send or respond to Icebreakers, only subscribers can continue communicating. In essence, Icebreakers are like flirting.

New! Likely Likeables: Allows users to browse profiles that other people are interested in. When looking at a profile, selecting the "View similar profiles" button works much like your circle of friends recommending people who might be a good match for you.


Yahoo Personals users join to reply to profiles of people they are interested in. Members can reply to as many profiles as they like.

Know When Others are Online: Yahoo Personals is the only online dating service with instant messaging integration, so people can use Yahoo Messenger to know when other members are online and to have instant conversations.

Attach a Snapshot: Include a "snapshot" or mini version of your profile when you respond to messages so other members can learn more about you.

Find love at Yahoo Personals

As a Yahoo Personals subscriber, you'll have the ability to get in touch with great singles near you.
When you've found someone you're interested in, you'll be able to reply to their ad using your Personals Mailbox or through instant messages with Yahoo Messenger.

A subscription is less than $25 ($30 CAD) a month -- that's less than a dollar a day to plug into a huge, dynamic dating scene without even walking out your front door.

Visit Yahoo Personals

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